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Photography continues to bring out some remarkably creative people and we thought it was time to start giving them a little more recognition. As a regular spot, we hope to provide links to sites that are entertaining, informative and educational; all within the realm of photography.  So, without further ado, let's get to this weeks selections!

The Coolest Photography Tutorials of the Week
Tips on Shooting an Event – Chris gives us some really sound tips and tricks on shooting events.

Free eBook on street photography.  This has been very popular online this week with photographers, so I am quite hopeful this is a great resource for those looking to do some candid street shots.

Shooting Macro on a White Background – Tips and tricks from an industry leader on how to shoot close-ups of small objects in a studio environment.  Full of very helpful and useful information from one of the very best!

HDR Processing Video Tutorial – Rob Hanson shows us some secrets, tips and tricks in this first part of a 5 part running series to show us how to do HDR image processing.  Rob is a leader in the field, and his tutorial is a must see if you are interested in this style of imagery.

Jim Denham does up a super screencast on image processing, including an image he recently created with just stunning results.

Amazing Photography From Around the Web

John Mead is a nature photographer with extraordinary talent.

Jim Denham delivers a powerful image created using the latest HDR techniques.  A blue hour shot of a tied up rowboat sitting in a beautiful inlet as the sun rises to bring in a new day!

A real vision of dichotomy between man and nature here as an old building in Spain is crumbling yet some really beautiful vegetation thrives!

Andy shows us around Vermont with his striking imagery!

Rob Hanson shares an incredible adventure with us with a member of his close family.

Bob Lussier – Once again, an iconic image is recaptured by another photographer, and the results are truly dramatic.  This B&W shot of the Brooklyn Bridge is an emotional look at a well documented skyline.

Tom Baker – Another great and crisp image from the roll of Tom Baker!  A very colorful look at a spot in the city of Toronto with the cities skyline in the distance.

Charlie Grosso – A poignant and insightful blog post on the recent loss of a friend and the dichotomy we find in photography as a medium.

Clark Little – To call these shots amazing doesn’t even begin to cover it!  These photos taken in Hawaii of the waves are so beautiful to behold!

This photoblog post highlights a small series of images taken in Cambodia.  Accompanied with a bit of the history surrounding the immediate area, this post takes us on a journey.

Mark Garbowski gives us a different view of a NYC skyline here, shot and processed in infrared.

Jason Hines brings us a breathtaking shot of the Grand Canyon taken at sunset.  The light dances off the canyon edge producing wonderful colors and tones to enjoy.

Scott Frederick – This is a really fabulous collaboration done online between 6 of the industry leading experts in HDR photography and processing.  The difference evident between each of the artists vision produces a different look and feel.

The Road to the Smurf Village – Who knew that mushrooms could be so interesting?  In the capable hands of a skilled photographer, this forest scene really comes alive for us all to enjoy.

Jim Denham – A glimpse of a city skyline with wonderful architectural details to take in and enjoy.

Steve Beal shares with us an image with a spectacular sunflare in it, with an accompanying reflection in a still pool of water.  The results are truly amazing.

Jay Taylor from the Pacific Northwest area takes a lot of unique pictures of the surroundings he lives in, and this post highlights an iconic building at the University of Washington.  Processed as a black-and-white HDR image, this really stands out.

Rob Hanson delivers a truly spectacular image to enjoy.  A crisp shot of a beautiful nautical subject, the Linda Ann is absolutely wonderful to view.

Matty Wolin – A very unique perspective of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, France.  One of the most photographed locations in the world, unique shots are difficult to find and this one is most certainly one of those.

The Children of London's Spitalfields Slums in Photographs 100 Years Ago takes us on a photo-journey of a time long now past.  Incredible photos with a great backstory creates a compelling post.

Steve Beal – Architectural studies can provide a lot of details and textures to enjoy in an image, and Steve Beal really shows how a wonderfully composed image full of interest can be absolutely captivating.

This blog post and shot is absolutely profound and thought-provoking.  Sometimes an image can speak 1,000 words, and this is a fine example of such.

This photo of the day on the National Geographic site of the aurora borealis in Iceland has such wonderful details and colors to enjoy!  Guaranteed to surprise and delight the viewer, it’s absolutely worth the time to check it out.

Interesting Photography Blog Posts
Mark Blundell discusses the recent uptick in social media, it’s importance to a photographer and how to manage dwindling available time in this industry.  A great article written by a top notch photographer who is active in the field.

Olaf Bathke discusses the new Google+ social networking site, and some pro’s and con’s centric to sharing images online.  This article is definitely something to be aware of if you’re on the new site, and may help you to guide yourself through the new world we live in today.

A small city in Japan rebuilds itself after ravaging fires, and today’s photoblog post in Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan series shares some wonderful historic details and a great accompanying photograph.

This 360 degree virtual tour of the Unfinished Chapels in Portgual is beyond astonishing to see.  Grand architecture remains unfinished, and this presentation of the site really invites the visitor to become immersed.

This collection of great links was put together by Toad Hollow. You can follow the Toad on his photography blog or on his Twitter account!

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