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The world of photography never rests, with artists and writers creating and publishing great photographs and articles on a daily basis.

Here we find that Toad Hollow Photography has been searching all over the internet for links to tutorials, special features and great photography to share with everyone, featuring the best pieces posted from contemporary artists working in the field today.

We really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.



Here’s Why Motion In Photography Produces Such Compelling Images – the concept of introducing motion into an image can be contra to what we’ve been taught, yet when used appropriately in practice it can add a powerful element to photography.  This brief article published right here on Light Stalking takes us through the do’s and don’ts of this practice, and includes some great sample shots to wet your appetite.


Adding texture easily to your backgrounds in Photoshop – a very easy to follow tutorial is presented, showing you how to apply textured backgrounds to photographs you’ve taken.  Each step is detailed and includes screenshots and sample images to allow you to easily visualize the technique and the results.

Studio Photography Lighting Essentials: Size and Position Matter – for those looking to understand how and what to apply in terms of off-camera flash for portraits, this is simply a must-see video tutorial.  Just over 9 minutes in length, this piece is full of very useful insights and includes a behind-the-scenes look of the photographer in action, along with samples created during the seminar to help you visualize the concepts as they are applied.

9 Insights for Better Portrait Photography – as promised, this article covers a short list of great tips and tricks for portrait photography, straight from a professional working in the field today.  These notions may well be obvious to some, but for others, there are some real gems in here that can help you focus on your style and creating the look you are hoping for in your portrait work.

Don Miller
Don Miller

What the heck is hyperfocal distance? – this simple to digest article discusses a complex subject in the field of photography, that is the notion of hyperfocal distance, which is particularly useful in landscape photography.  This primer will shed some light on some of the mysteries behind the concept, allowing you to try to employ this in the field as you capture images.


1958 Documentary About the Single Most Influential Landscape Photographer – this incredible documentary was created in 1958 and shows us the exact process that world-famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams went through to create his images.  We get to see the steps from in-field capture all the way through to the darkroom and post-production, using techniques he created and pioneered.

driver Photographer
driver Photographer

4 steps for planning your photography project by Benjamin Von Wong – Benjamin is world-renown for his work in the field of photography, producing incredible pieces that are unique and highly contemporary.  Join him in this brief video presentation that is sure to inspire you to plan your next big idea, and find the means and methods to execute it perfectly.

Pilot Captures Incredible Thunderstorm Photo from 37,000 Feet – whoaw, just whoaw!  This shot is almost possible to capture, yet somehow this airline pilot managed to shoot a storm complete with epically dramatic lightning from inside the aircraft in flight at 37,000 feet.  The results are astonishing.


Fly – with wings in mid-flap, this incredible owl stares back intently at the camera of Stefano Ronchi.  Stefano in turn, captures a stunning portrait of this glorious bird in flight, freezing forever in time a glimpse into the amazing spirits these animals possess.

Fire in the Sky – Len Saltiel captures the pure essence of a dramatic sky full of vibrant colors in one part and brooding clouds in the other.  A gentle, still lake creates a soft reflection that perfectly mirrors the scene in a way that draws you into the landscape on a personal journey of discovery.

the museum black version – Alex Eugenio delivers a highly contrasted and textured piece with this stunning photograph that showcases an interior shot of an amazing museum.  Dramatic architectural features pop to life in this shot that also contains artistic tension in the people who are visible as they enjoy the incredible facility.

SGang Gwaay V – west coast photographer Ehpem features another black-and-white in his running series, featuring various subjects as he travels through the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Haida village of SGang Gwaay.  This picture shows a set of mortuary poles slowly weathering from years of the wet coast climate, doing exactly what they are designed to do as time runs through the process of returning the remains of those interred back to the land from where they came.

spiral staircase – Vic Perri’s photograph finds us enjoying an abstract study in geometry in this shot showcasing an upward view of an amazing piece of architecture in the form of a staircase.  The perfect composition leads the viewer upward as incredible textures and light play off each other.

Rex Boggs
Rex Boggs

Old Field Barn – very little remains of this old stone building that was built and used by a farmer in the UK, likely over a hundred years ago.  The last standing pieces of this building form a perfect photography subject for Barry Turner who captures it sympathetically against the backdrop of the land it inhabits, telling a visual story of artistic tension in questions that remain unanswered today.

The Guardian – this shot features a lighthouse at the end of a pier, surrounded by the swirling winds of a storm that create a pounding surf against the stalwart structure.  The sense of incredible power of the storm itself is perfectly conveyed in the way that Luca Benini captured the event, translating into a dramatic image with a strong sense of tension and loneliness.

What's Your Story – little pools of light draw your eye into this very dramatic frame from CJ Schmit taken inside an old and abandoned industrial building.  This urbex themed shot is full of drama and intrigue, leaving you wondering about the focal point found in the chair that sits in the foreground as natural light leads you into the frame towards a terrific vanishing point.

Julie Fennell
Julie Fennell

New York City at Moonlight – the incredible Manhattan skyline comes fully alive in this nighttime themed shot from the studio of Victor Hugo.  Wonderful details in the dramatic architecture work together with the color palette found in the sky as wooden piers in the foreground lead the viewer into the frame naturally.

Trollin’ – I just love the vibrant colors that Brad Truxell captures and accents in this composition that features the skyline of Pittsburgh captured during the blue hour.  Brad frames this shot with an arching bridge that forms a perfect natural leading line into the photograph where the city’s architecture pops to life with crisp detail.

Dom zu Salzburg – this dramatic architectural piece is presented here by Andy Yeung, featuring the inside of a majestic cathedral.  The natural light captured in this shot creates terrific natural shadows in the space, creating a strong sense of texture and detail that are sure to be enjoyed by everyone who views this shot.

a place of faith – incredible architectural features grace our screens in this wonderful interior shot from Frank King.  The cathedral captured here has very tall ceilings, creating a strong sense of size and scale when viewed along with the details found in the pews and large arches.

VertigO # – this geometrical study finds us enjoying a downward perspective of a vibrantly colored staircase with fabulous lines.  The perfect composition that Guillaume Rio utilized in this shot creates terrific leading lines to guide you into the frame itself.

Dave n Laura
Dave n Laura

Spinnakers Up, Minnesota – rich blues play with the colorful sails of boats as they enjoy a wonderful sunny day exploring the waters of the region in this great shot from Mark Paulson.  In the distance, a gorgeous house sits near the shores of the lake, adding a perfect anchor into the shot and really giving a strong feel of what life is like here.

Brooklyn Sunset – this complex panoramic format shot features the skyline of Brooklyn as the sun sets.  A storm brewing on the horizon adds interest in the dramatic clouds found in the sky, and the crisp details highlight the terrific architecture the city expresses visually.

Old Chapel – let’s join Mark Summerfield in this post as he shares a pair of shots of an old stone chapel built in 1793.  This wonderful character-rich building was listed on the National Historic Register in 1973, and today it and the surrounding cemetery it serves still stands as a link to the past.

Reflections in the dark – an old church sits on the shore of what looks to be a lake, featuring a gentle reflection of the scene itself.  The cinematic look created here by Johannes Hulsch adds perfectly to the feel and mood of the scene.

Aurora – the magical and mystical nature of the Aurora Borealis is ethereally captured and shared in this photograph from Ron Niebrugge.  Incredible greens swirl high above in the sky as the mountains of this northern region create striking natural silhouettes below.

Resonance – Dany Eid shares a stunning cityscape themed shot taken from an elevated platform of the city of Dubai below.  A thick fog diffuses the lights from the city below, casting an orange blanket over the lower buildings and creating a terrific pillow for the skyscrapers to reach through.

Give a Hoot! – Jay Taylor masterfully captures a Short Eared Owl in flight as it passes by his horizon on it’s way to untold adventures.  The wonderful details in this shot serve to show off the inherent beauty these creatures possess, and the composition adds a sense of motion and dynamism to the photo.

Gábor Lengyel
Gábor Lengyel

A life of their own… – Sherry Galey creates a beautiful abstract piece with this feature, capturing sky and land as gorgeous colors dominate the frame.  She creates this shot by including a predominant sensation of motion, using the natural elements in a way that turns a landscape into an amazing natural abstract.

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