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The Toad is back from a wonderful holiday season with his first list for the new year.  This weeks list contains links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs, but also highlights several Top 10 lists as compiled by talented photographers world-wide.  The Toad wishes you a Happy New Year, and hopes you enjoy viewing these works as much as he did in bringing them to you.

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Personal Pearls of Wisdom: The “Leading In Rule” – a brief look at photography composition, particularly in cases with people as subjects.  A highly informative and thought-provoking piece by a leader in the field.

The Concept of ‘Closure’ in the Psychology of Gestalt in Photography – Joe Baraban creates and shares another deeply insightful blog post on photographic composition.  A powerful post delivered in a short piece, this article is guaranteed to help you see your surroundings, world and compositions with a slightly different eye.  Well worth the time to read.

Hard Light vs Soft Light in Photography – this is a great post that discusses the differences between these two types of light in photography.  Example photos provide visual reference for the article, producing a piece that is really well-rounded and written.


The Top Ten Blue Lion Photos Of 2011 – Post 1 of 6 | Post 2 of 6 | Post 3 of 6 | Post 4 of 6 | Post 5 of 6 | THE WINNER! – John Mead is a master wildlife and outdoor photographer.  In this 6 part series, John shares with us his most viewed and popular images from 2011.  A wonderful series, sure to delight and amaze everyone who pops over to view.

Eleven for 2011 – never one to follow a crowd, Bob Lussier shares his list of 11 of his favorite images from 2011.  Each and every picture posted is a masterful capture showcasing his incredible style, producing a stunning series well worth the time to visit.

2011: Reflecting on the Photos – a breathtaking series of images as compiled from the years collection, by Adam Allegro.  Adam takes us to various locations and landscapes, and shares some of his truly captivating imagery.

My Favorite Landscape Shots of the Year – Shane Lund compiles his list of favorite landscape shots from his portfolio for 2011.  A stunning sequence showcasing his diverse and incredible photography skills, absolutely guaranteed to mesmerize all who visit.

Year in Review – the list of great lists continues with this top drawer post by Steven Perlmutter.  Steven’s wonderful works resonate with all who enjoy viewing them, and in this post he has put together his favorite images from the year.

Farewell 2011 – this post by master photographer Jim Nix shares some in-depth stats regarding his blog and the successes it encountered during the year, as well as a collage of his top ten images from 2011.  Jim is a truly gifted artist, and this post will delight and amaze everyone who pops over for a visit.

Best of 2011 – take a photographic journey with Aaron Barlow as he shares his visions of the world.  Incredibly evocative and powerful compositions are his trademark, with a wonderful ability to produce works unlike any other.  This list comprises his best work of 2011 and is a must-see for any photography enthusiast.

2011 – A Year in Review – a truly top drawer list of images, from Edith Levy, shares some of her best work from 2011 as well as some of her thoughts.  Edith is a truly amazing photographer and her works are guaranteed to delight and amazed everyone who visits.

Top 11 of 2011 – Kate and Pat from O'Brien Photo produce their list of wedding and portrait images from 2011, sharing some truly poignant and beautiful moments in their happy clients lives.  An almost magical ability to capture these precious moments is the hallmark from Kate and Pat, and this list will show you why.

Tumbling Sky by Jack Batchelor, on Flickr

2011 My Favorites – a wonderful set of images from the studio of Chris Frailey displays his abilities to capture striking landscape images, as well as wedding and personal portrait photography.  This is a truly stunning series, well worth the time to visit and view.

Top 10 Photo Books of 2011 – as the title states, this is a well conceived list of the best photography books of 2011.  If you are a photography enthusiast, there is something in here for everyone.

My Favorite People Shots Of The Year – raw and evocative, this compendium of great shots as posted by Shane Lund shares his incredible talents in the realm of portraiture.  Shane’s incredibly emotional and dramatic pieces are all incredibly unique, and form the basis for a post that is sure to delight and amaze everyone who visits.

2011 [Plus] In Review – a wonderful set of images by the talented Mark Garbowski shares his vision of the world around him.  Often photographing iconic structures and landscapes in the NY area, Mark brings a fresh look to these often-photographed scenes, producing compelling and personal pieces that are truly his own.

My Favorite Shot of 2011 – a list of one, but no less meaningful.  Steve Beal shares his favorite image from 2011, a black-and-white shot that is uniquely composed using a lighthouse as a portion of the frame.  A fabulous sunburst creates life and interest in this image, producing a truly compelling piece.

Adventures in “How To” Photography – 2011 Year in Review – Jordan Oram is a highly gifted photographer, a great writer, a true source of inspiration and a good friend.  His year in review shares a sometimes humour look at the craft we all love, and gives us a little insight into the inner workings of his world.  Absolutely well worth the time to visit and view.

Top 10 Images of 2011 – our adventurer Anne McKinnell shares her list of her top 10 photos from 2011.  Anne’s wonderful landscape photography is a constant source of delight and inspiration for us, and this comprehensive list showcases some of her best imagery from the year now past.

Top Ten Posts of 2011 – a stellar list of Michael Frye's top ten blog posts shares a wonderful series of images that is absolutely guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone who pops by.  Michael is a top drawer professional photographer who constantly delivers truly amazing imagery.

Favourite Engagement Photos of 2011 – a truly gifted photographer, our very own local Deanna McCollum, shares her favorite engagement photographs from the year.  Deanna has a wonderful way with capturing these special moments, using unique and incredible landscapes and compositions to capture all the emotion in the scene that unfolds in front of her.  Well worth the time to visit and view!

Large Format Study N. 61 by rachel_thecat, on Flickr

Most Viewed Photos of 2011 – a compendium of incredible imagery straight from the studio of Ren Bostelaar shares a unique view of the city he lives in through his unique and masterful compositions.  Well worth the time to visit and view, this is a great list that is absolutely a joy to see.


My Muse and My Dad – Jim Denham is a truly wonderful friend to many, and a great photographer in our time.  In this heartfelt post he shares some insight into one of his favorite photographic subjects, his son, as well as some thoughts about his dad.  This post is really a wonderfully emotional piece, guaranteed to leave you with strong emotions about Jim and his incredible talent, as well as our own families and priorities in life.  If you take time to visit one link this week, this should definitely be it.

Zoo Navideño – our very own @astaroth here on Light Stalking takes a visit to Zoo Aquarium de Madrid.  A wonderful and truly incredible series of images are the result of this visit, well worth the time for everyone to visit and enjoy.

White Wolf in Snow – a stunning photograph from the studio of Mark Paulson shares a winter scene with a beautiful white wolf standing sentry.   This is a breathtaking image, guaranteed to amaze everyone.

Time Stands Still – Or Does It? – a wonderful and dramatic composition of a clock face awaits the viewer in this great image by John Sotiriou.  Fabulous textures and details are enhanced by his unique composition with this shot, creating a truly breathtaking work of art.

Another Year Gone By – a wonderful post straight from the studio of Mike Victorino shares his most popular image from 2011, and some of his great stats and insights into the year now past.  A wonderful post, well worth the time to visit and view.

January 2012 Desktop Calendar – a stunning, stunning image forms the subject of a free January desktop calendar from the studio of Curt Fleenor.  Great colors and a slightly abstract sky converge to deliver a dramatic and strong image, sure to delight and amaze everyone who pops by for a visit.

Bodmin Jail – The Lag | Naval Wing – a two part series showcasing a jail long abandoned and left to rot, as seen and captured by the talented Mark Blundell.  Stunning textures and details are the hallmark in this set, producing imagery that is sure to capture the imagination and delight anyone who pops by for a visit.

What’s “Behind The Green Door?” – an iconic shot, straight from the studio of Mark Garbowski, shares a view of a green door eloquently framed and composed.  Fabulous textures, details and tones are all captured in this wonderful image, producing a truly strong and compelling image.

Storm Bay – a wonderful photographer in my part of the world shares another view of the iconic shores in Victoria in this wonderful blog post.  The first image in the post is captured using long exposure techniques, producing an image that is clear and strong, yet contains the dramatic elements of silky smooth waters from the long exposure.  A fabulous post that is sure to delight and amaze everyone who pops over for a visit!

Winter Wonderland 2011 – a wonderful series of images as shot during the winter fair, as delivered from the studio of the gifted Chris Maskell.  Great colors and interesting details are all captured in this set, including the playing of a violin by the talented Death, himself.  A wonderful series, guaranteed to entertain everyone.

Fishing Boats, Haiti – a stunning image complete with incredible colors and tones as well as a few carefully placed fishing boats to add interest.  Doug Pruden captures and shares a very unique and compelling image, producing a piece that is top drawer.

Country Road – Take me Home – there is something utterly alluring and captivating about a dramatically composed photograph of a winding road.  Scott Hovind masterfully delivers a black-and-white shot of a road as such, full of drama.  A hidden story lies somewhere down the ribbon of road left to the viewers mind, producing a strong image that is truly wonderful.

National Trust House – Cotehele Courtyard #1 – a truly wonderful 360 panorama presentation of a stunning piece of architecture in the UK.  Character, textures and details all emerge as the viewer spends time moving around the scene taking it in, delivering something so unique only Mark Blundell can be the artist behind the work.

Early Bird Parking – fabulous colors, tones and details are all evident in this great image by Jimi Jones.  As the sun begins to rise, a soft light dances across a parking lot and it’s surroundings, creating the perfect photography subject for Jimi to capture and share.

Rustic – great textures and details are abundantly evident in this great image, as captured by Len Saltiel.  An old barn full of incredible barrels form the main subject for this shot, and Len masterfully captures the scene to share with us all.  Well worth the time to visit and view.

Will You Love Me Tomorrow? – Barbara Youngleson captures and delivers a truly captivating image full of incredible lines and textures to enjoy.  Her long exposure technique in this shot delivers a picture that contains some great details as well as a soft and silky look to the surrounding waters.  Coupled with impeccable composition, this all converges in the creation of a truly unique and compelling image.

The Curious Road Runner – Aaron Barlow is a truly gifted photographer with an eye towards unique and compelling compositions.  In this wildlife photograph of a Road Runner bird, Aaron captures a black-and-white image of this iconic bird, with the most compelling expression you’ve ever seen on a bird before.  Absolutely delightful!


51 Great Photo Spots and Subjects in the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island – Page One the Bronx | Page Two Queens | Page Three Staten Island – a great trilogy of posts that shares some of the best locations in the greater NYC and general area to capture some truly amazing photography.  Mark Garbowski compiles and shares this great 3 list series.

A singular color – a wonderful study in the color red awaits the viewer in this incredible post by Andy Hooker (LensScaper).  Each image is full of character and interest, and the resulting series is an absolute delightful foray into the realm of singular colors in photography.

Kodak develops plans for bankruptcy – this article is not a blog, to be precise, but it is an interesting article on what appears to be the pending demise of one of photography's founding companies.  A sad day, indeed.

Grace and Diversity in Underwater Photography – a stunning set of underwater photographs that showcase the colorful and diverse communities that live there.  Photographer Mark Laita shares a stunning series of images, sure to delight and amaze everyone who visits.

Cheese Spread – another truly incredible image as delivered by Terry Border.  Terry uses wireframe art to create whimsical and wonderful portals into the world that surrounds us, producing incredible pieces that are an absolute delight to view.

Self-Portraits Everyday Since 1999! – a really interesting story and photo-set featuring the work of Jeff Harris.  With over 4700 images already in this ongoing project, this post features Jeff’s story and some of his great work.

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Toad, You are the man. Thanks for including my top 2011 image list, it means a lot. Looking forward to another awesome year of images from you guys!!

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Hi Toad, I have been so busy this week I have not had a lot of time to check these links out, but another great compilation. And, thank you so much for finding space for my blog in this excellent company – I am so thankful to have visitors from your compilations, it’s great!

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