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So, with another exciting week under our wheels, we look forward to the list of photography links to tutorials, special features and just great photography that Toad Hollow Photography has compiled.

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Image by Isabelle Bruce

This week's list features many different types and styles of both pictures and articles, with something here sure to please photography enthusiasts from all walks of life.

We really hope you enjoy checking out the links in this list as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.


15+ Beautiful Portrait Photographs Shot Indoors With Nothing But Window Light – with all the talk of speedlights and strobes and the terrific results you can get from applying them, it is easy to overlook the incredible photographs that can be taken in natural light.  This great article showcases a selection of awesome portraits, all captured using window light indoors.

Marco Delnoij
Marco Delnoij

How and why to use a boom mic or a lav mic for great sound in your videos – this great tutorial discusses two varieties of off-camera mics suitable for recording video.  The pros and cons for each style are covered in this brief video tutorial, making for a great primer to help you make the decision that is right for your specific application.

Darren Williams: Creating Wedding Portraiture Strobist Style – a Q&A article finds us hearing about the techniques and thoughts that go into planning for and creating really incredible wedding photographs from the perspective of Darren Williams, a photographer who uses a photojournalistic style in his work.  Great sample shots from his portfolio accompany this article giving it great depth and interest for those looking to use this style in their work.

Using your flash’s guide number – understanding the math behind a flash’s guide number can be key in terms of setting up a lighting scenario quickly and accurately.  This technical article takes you through the entire concept and procedure, shedding some much-needed light on this particular subject.

6 Ultraviolet Photography Tips: UV Wool, UV Bubbles, and More – terrific results can be achieved when using ultraviolet in the field of photography, as shown in this great brief article that included sample images to illustrate.  A short video presentation is also included, getting you up to speed on the latest techniques in a really fun way.

Falcon® Photography
Falcon® Photography

Quick Photo Tip: Shooting Through Things – a change in personal perspective can be just the thing that is needed to help you find inspiration in your own photography.  This brief article comes to us from world-renowned commercial photographer Joe Baraban as he discusses shooting through various things and shows you the results that can be achieved by doing so.


Winning Photos of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 – as expected, seeing the photographs selected for award is a great way to check out a collection of similarly themed images that each stand out on their own.  This selection of photos reveals various looks into the inner workings of nature, with each shot holding a mesmerizing quality of the subject matter explored.

Lukas Schlagenhauf
Lukas Schlagenhauf

I Spent 10 Years Traveling Around The World Photographing Breathtaking Places, Here Are My Best Shots – as an active photographer working in the field, Pascal Mannaerts has compiled a pretty deep portfolio of shots over the years.  This post features an incredible selection of some of his very best images, each with its own story to tell.

How Specializing in Photography Will Pave the Way to Becoming a Professional Photographer – this brief article shares some great insights that we believe in with our own practice, showing you how specializing can help bring you closer to your ambition of living the life of a photographer.  With so many types and niches of photography out there these days, having a type and style to focus on will allow you to excel in that space, and to spread your wings and take it on as a vocation.


Houston Stewart Channel IV – a mesmerizing look at the hauntingly beautiful landscapes found on the west coast of Canada comes to us from Vancouver Island photographer Ehpem.  Relatively calm waters in this shot reflect back the inherent beauty of the location here, accented perfectly by a small piece of land that juts out frame right that is covered in thick, green trees that seemingly reach towards the heavens.

Viaggio Routard
Viaggio Routard

Light on the Barn – Jeff Clow does it again, capturing another iconic shot under what seems to be perfect circumstances.  This photograph features the iconic T. A. Moulton barn in the golden hour in the morning as the Teton mountains cast a dramatic backdrop in the distance.  Jeff processes this in a panoramic format to accent the raw drama of the scene, creating an instant classic.

River in a valley – the eye wanders naturally down this lush, green valley where a winding river cuts through the landscape as it leads out into the distance in a terrific vanishing point in this shot from Barry Turner.  Rich green hues work perfectly in this landscape piece that shows off the gorgeous scenes found in the UK, as explored and shared here by Barry.

Moraine Lake – incredible natural drama is found in the rugged Canadian Rockies as they overlook the gorgeous colors found in Moraine Lake.  Lukas Petereit’s shot showcases the park in incredible detail, sharing a lot of context with the viewer who spends time taking in the fine details.

amidst the falling snow – this monochromatic landscape shot comes to us from the studio of Frank King who visits a beautiful lake in the middle of a raging snowstorm.  Frank processes this shot as a black-and-white to create strong contrasts in the treed area of the picture, drawing the viewer into the frigid frame where a cup of hot chocolate would be the order of the day.

Chapel of Love – this breathtaking shot from Timothy Poulton takes us to the Church Of The Good Shepherd in New Zealand as vibrant colors dance overhead in the sky.  Incredible drama is found in the mountains in the background that create dramatic leading lines through the frame.

Rising Sun Inn – let’s join Mark Summerfield as he photographs and shares a pair of shots of a wonderful building that was constructed in the mid 1700’s.  A distinctive architectural style is shared and explored in these shots, giving us a glimpse into true Americana from this particular time period.

A fairytale – Carlos Vazquez delivers a striking picture in this post, featuring a tiny town perched on the side of a cliff overlooking the sea below.  Gorgeous colors in the homes that line the cliffside accent the architecture that speaks of the character of the location.

wer mei
wer mei

Brown Bear Wildflowers – this lovely portrait of a massive brown bear is shared here by Ron Niebrugge who is lucky enough to witness this incredible creature as it makes its way through a field of beautiful purple flowers, adding texture to the image.  The raw power these animals possess is usually tempered by their somewhat demure personalities, and this is eloquently captured in a frame here by Ron.

Birds of Myanmar – a stunning black-and-white panoramic formatted picture greets the viewer in this amazing shot from Gonzalo Navarro Bendito.  Rolling hills lead into the distance, creating a strong sense of scale, as a flock of birds flies through the composition to add a dash of artistic tension to the setting.

Michael Leckman
Michael Leckman

Sushi, Stage Left! – a young Bald Eagle flies into the frame captured here by Jay Taylor as it learns how to fend for itself in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.  Perfect light graces this incredible bird as it flies, highlighting the wonderful details that Jay has captured in this frame.

Houston From Hilton – Evan Gearing shares a crisp, detailed shot here that features the Houston city skyline from an elevated perspective.  The contemporary architecture of the city pops to life in this photograph, sharing a glimpse into the personality and character of the city itself.

October is a symphony… – each time of year creates vastly different looks to most landscapes, as is evidenced in this presentation from Sherry Galey.  The rich colors of the season help to create regions within the frames that pop to life in this slideshow, showing us the very best that the autumn season has to offer in this region.

Mom with her cub – this amazing character study finds us taking a glimpse into the life of a great bear and her delightful cub in their natural habitat.  Giedrius Stakauskas captures this amazing picture as they both look straight back at the camera, giving us a brief and intimate look into the amazing personalities these beautiful creatures possess.

Jose Losada - Fotografía
Jose Losada – Fotografía

My workshop was CLEAN last week. SORRY you missed it. – Urban Vagabond shares a terrific Urbex themed shot, taking us inside what remains of an old and long forgotten factory.  Nature has been encroaching for many years here as only the ghosts of those who worked here all those years ago roam the dirty floors.

the wonderful morning view – Andy Donath anchors this powerful shot with a person sitting on the rocks in the foreground taking in the beautiful landscape that surrounds them.  Beyond the person, we find majestic, rugged mountains, and a still lake that casts a terrific reflection of the scene.

Grizzly Bear aka The Brown Bear – Wayne Beauregard captures a terrific portrait of a large Grizzly Bear ambling its way towards the camera.  The incredible power and presence these massive creatures possess is perfectly captured in this frame, leaving us to enjoy these animals from a safe distance.

Camel Train – the hypnotic power of extremely long shadows comes to play in this epic image posted here by Jarrad Seng.  A train of camels with riders makes their way across an arid desert as the long shadows mimic the procession in the endless sands that surround the cavalcade.

Nguyễn Việt Linh
Nguyễn Việt Linh

A Little Fog and Color – Ashcroft, Colorado – swatches of color dance amongst the tendrils of fog that lazily drift over this incredible landscape, as captured and shared here by Len Saltiel.  A little time spent working your way through the frame reveals the true context and scope of the region, creating an awe-inspiring image that reveals the natural beauty found in the lands we enjoy.

Countryside – an incredible sense of peace and personal solitude is found in this colorful frame from Doug Shearer.  Warm hues from the countryside are dotted with the buildings that compose the farm, adding to the overall mood and feel of this incredible piece.

Peter Kerrawn
Peter Kerrawn

Blue Hour on the Danube – a wonderful blue sky graces the top half of the horizon in this shot captured by Edith Levy in Vienna.  A boat moored to the pier creates an anchor in this shot, sharing a picture that is sure to have us all scrambling for our suitcases as we rush out the door on the phone making reservations for a flight.

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