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So much has been going on in the field of photography this week, and here we find that Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching in all corners of the internet to find the best tutorials, special features and great photography to share with everyone.  This weeks list is comprised of a wide variety of topics, with something sure to be found here for everyone.  We really hope you enjoy checking out this weeks list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.


This is Why Long Exposure Photography is So Appealing – this primer is posted here on Light Stalking and discusses the power and effect that can be achieved when using long exposure times in photography. Awesome sample shots are included with the key concepts being discussed here, giving you instant visual feedback regarding the results you can expect in your own work.

The National Guard
The National Guard

An Introduction to Digital Infrared Photography – the world of digital infrared digital photography is exposed for everyone in this terrific post that is peppered with great samples to show you what to expect. Various aspects of this technique are covered, from the hardware used to capture the frame, all the way to the post-production that creates the finished result.

The Phoblographer Answers: Do Professional Photographers Use TTL? – this is a question I also encounter in the world of photography, with people coming from both camps expressing their thoughts on the application of TTL in flash photography. This brief post covers this topic and presents good arguments on both sides of the fence.

How to Pose People and Get Great Expressions in Headshot Photos – this terrific article also includes an 8 minute video presentation full of tips and tricks for how to work with people as subjects and get the best out of them. Oftentimes it can be daunting for people to stand in front of a camera and be photographed, particularly if they don’t do it often. These tips and tricks will help you put them at ease, and the results will reflect that.

John Walker LRPS
John Walker LRPS

How To Start A Successful Photography Business – trying to build a professional photography practice can be a daunting process if you don’t have a clear game plan to follow. This article discusses some of the basics required to become successful in the field of professional photography, and is sure to help you get started on your own practice.

6 Tips to Shoot Like the Pros – a quick set of tips is shared in this brief post that talks about some of the things that professionals do in their practice to help them produce consistently great results. This post will definitely help you get started on the road to your own successful practice.

Food for digital Thought: It’s not what you put in a picture that counts, it’s what you don’t put in that matters – what in reality is a simple compositional tip, this concept will help you see the entire frame as you work on your photograph and will ensure that it contains what you want, and doesn’t include any extraneous elements that detract from the final picture.


This is the Oldest Known Production Nikon Camera in the World – check out this set of photographs of the oldest known production Nikon camera in the world today. The camera is in astonishing condition, having been part of a private collection. It’s terrific to see this classic camera like this.

Patrick Emerson
Patrick Emerson


La casita – Juan Pablo de Miguel shares a very dramatic shot here that finds the night sky over a house that has some lights on, creating a strong sense of artistic tension. The wood construction of the house creates a perfect accent for this composition that also uses the still reflection in the pool of water in the foreground to create further visual cues that draw the viewer in.

Martyn Fletcher
Martyn Fletcher

Battersea Power Station’s control rooms – the fan of urbex themed images will love this post that shows 5 photographs of the power station and control room as it is today, just before the developers come in and tear it all down leaving the entire complex to live on in the photographs that people have taken over the years. The art-deco themed design of the machines and control panels create a strong sense of nostalgia, making for a space that I wish I could have visited personally.

Wind Fox – this beautiful photograph comes to us from H Atala and features a profile of a red fox as it walks across a frozen snow-covered landscape. The wonderful details in the fox is highlighted by the shallow depth-of-focus to isolate it from it’s backdrop, making it pop out of this portrait and come alive on our screens.

Garden Key Light – Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida – Len Saltiel takes us to an unfinished fort on the Florida Keys that dates back to the early 1800’s. The incomplete brick facility is bookended by a dramatic black lighthouse that exudes artistic tension as it stands and looks outward to the ocean.

Fly – Stefano Ronchi delivers a stunning portrait of an owl mid-flight as it flies almost straight towards the camera. Stefano’s shot was taken just as the wings of the owl are in their downward position, creating a great feel to this shot that reveals its spirit in the context of a frame.

goldener reiter – peeling wallpaper, tattered curtains, a gutted piano and a beheaded rocking horse are all found in this spectacular urbex location that features the decaying remains of a living room. Photographer Ltblue takes us all back in time in this space, a space that has been unused for many years.

Higher Reflecting – the true power of reflections in a composition is explored in this stunning shot by Bryson Gibbons that reveals the city sitting far below in half the frame as the reflection of the buildings cover the remaining part. The red hue of the glass of the reflective surface creates a bit of an illusion at first, beckoning you into the picture where all becomes clear as you separate the reflection from its source.

Stella and Leonard – Lisa Gordon frames a series of beautiful flower macros with a pair of shots at the beginning of the post that features an incredible snow-covered walkway, creating an instant paradox that leaves you feeling as if you’ve experienced two seasons in one sitting. The wonderful flower shots of her orchids reveal a color palette that can only be found in nature.

To The Ends Of Everywhere – The Narratographer creates a minimalistic image with this shot that utilizes a long exposure time to turn the waters that dominate the image into a silky textured cover while using the wood piers the peer above the waterline as a leading line. As you follow the piers into the frame, beautiful colors in the sky in the distance highlight the incredible vanishing point expressed in the composition.

The Colors of Buenos Aires – shapes and lines from the native architecture of this Argentinian city are covered in vibrant colors, highlighting the textures and details of the scene. Barbara Youngleson also includes a weathered bench in the foreground, acting as an anchor into this abstract looking shot.

Flying Fox – the Flying Fox is a highly unusual creature that strongly resembles a large bat, as shown in this great photograph by Michael Cleary that showcases one as it flies in the general direction of the camera. As the Fox flies, its wings scrape the top of the water, creating a cascade that follows it along, adding a great element to this photograph.

Reserved Seating – very little of the original auditorium is as it was many years ago in this amazing urbex shot from Michael Criswell. Years of decay and weathering have taken their toll in this place, leaving us all straining to hear the voices of the children who once filled this space with laughter and joy.

Old Tree Branch – a long exposure creates a great feature that frames a long dead tree trunk as it lies in the shallow waters near the shore. Rossano Ferrari’s shot also finds subtle colors in the sky in the distance with layers of mountains adding a wonderful compositional element.

Hongcun, China – join Anne McKinnell as she takes us to a place in China that sits at the base of the Huangshan Mountains. The terrific architecture of this place finds harmony in its setting, capped off perfectly with a gorgeous shot of a lotus sitting in the still waters.

Aaron Hawkins
Aaron Hawkins

Archangel – natural ice formations in the icy waters form the anchor in this shot, leading to Daniel Kordan’s descriptive title that is based upon the shape of the dominant formation. The surrounding landscape is covered in thick snow, accenting the frozen feel this image shares with everyone to sees it.

Red Van – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) uses selective color to create this terrific shot that features a rolling landscape with a ribbon of road with a red van making it’s way through the setting. The dash of vibrant red in the frame draws your eye right to the van, and then you start to explore the surroundings and take in the finer details it exposes.

goro memo
goro memo

UNESCO World Heritage: Windmills of Kinderdijk – a beautiful warm color palette is expressed in this landscape shot that features the incredible windmills of the region. The waters that wander through the land create a still mirror-like reflection, creating a compelling element that adds to the image.

The Grand Prismatic Basin – Yellowstone National Park provides a plethora of photography opportunities with many natural features that are unique to this park and the region it sits in. Scott Wood uses the wide range of colors that the geysers of the park create in the landscape against a backdrop of a forest that seems to jump out of the horizon.

Barry Dale Gilfry
Barry Dale Gilfry

The last sail – artistic tension is explored in this shot that finds the front hull of a forgotten boat sticking out of thick snow cover in this frozen landscape. Daniel Kordan also reveals an incredible frozen landscape under muted light in a scene that shares a glimpse of the Antarctic that leaves you with many unanswered questions as to the source of the forlorn boat.

Pyrrhuloxia Photo – Ron Niebrugge captures a stunning portrait of a colorful male Pyrrhuloxia sitting on the end of a twig covered in buds that are bursting in color. The terrific details of the birds profile reveal its full natural beauty, creating an instant favorite that nature lovers will enjoy.

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