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Another wonderful week in the wide world of photography passes us by, and Toad Hollow Photography is there collecting a list of links of tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  This comprehensive list contains links to truly incredible works by some truly gifted artists and photographers.  We hope you enjoy viewing the images and blogs here as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.

[url=]Chinese Border Town #2[/url] by [url=]Jonathan Kos-Read[/url], on Flickr

Check out the Toad's latest acclaimed photoblog series “The Toad And The Lodge”, showcasing a series of images captured of a long term care facility that lies abandoned for over 17 years now.  This 5 part series discusses the history of the location as well as drawing on metaphors for the meaning of life.  Pt 1: Tillicum Lodge: A Lost Facility | Pt 2: The Silence Is DeafeningPt 3: The Overgrown CourtyardPt 4: Field Of WhispersPt 5: Echoes Of Our Elders.  The Toad also maintains a large gallery of images on their Architecture and Landscape Photography website.


Project in development: Inexpensive way to shoot expensive jewelry – Alex Koloskov is one of my favorite photographers, not only is he one of the leading photographers of our generation, he also selflessly continues to give back to the photography community through his blog posts.  This post is a great example of this; here Alex shows us how to achieve GREAT results in the genre of product photography using relatively inexpensive and easy to use photographic components.  If you’re interested in emulating fabulous lighting for your imagery then you just simply must see this article.
Quick Tip: Duplicating a Project – sometimes a brief article with tips and tricks can be just as helpful as a full on 1,000 page tutorial.  This blog post is a great example of this.

[url=]Dunure waves[/url] by [url=]overgraeme[/url], on Flickr

Quick Photo Tip: Turn Your Photo Upside Down – another fabulous article by Joe Baraban gets the photographer thinking differently about the photography they produce.  This is a great exercise, guaranteed to get everyone looking at their compositions with a different perspective.

Portrait Editing In Photoshop-part 2 of a series – a great piece that shares some awesome insights, tips and tricks into performing portrait editing in Photoshop.  Complete with a sample image, this tutorial will definitely get the creative juices flowing in terms of using this tool for your post-processing needs.

Composing Better Backgrounds in Photography – a great tutorial that gives the reader some great tips on how to compose a shot with a great background.  This short and easy-to-read article delivers some great ideas on how to come home with the perfect shot, well worth the time to visit and read.

Red White and Blue Shoe – this post and image belongs in two categories for this weeks list, here in the Tutorials section and in the Great Photography section below.  Ultimately, the great tips and tricks on studio lighting won over, and we placed it here.  Erik and Kathleen Kerstenbeck capture a truly unique shot and discuss the intricacies of the lighting employed to achieve this look, producing a post that is guaranteed to delight in terms of great photography, but also shares some great tips and tricks on this particular style of photography.

Photo Composition Technique – The Feinberg Rule – I have a voracious appetite for learning about compositional and lighting techniques and this article delivered something absolutely new to me.  This brief tutorial discusses The Feinberg Rule and supplies an example image to use to visualize how to apply it.  This is an exciting technique that I have never heard of myself, and am very much looking forward to trying it out in our practice.  Check it out yourself!


Girls School L – Into the Light | Abandoned Girls School L | Corridor | The Conservatory | The Grand Staircase | Staircase Detail | The Upper Rooms | The Pool Party – what a completely fabulous series posted here by one of our generations leading UrBex photographers, Chris Maskell.  This fabulous bit of heritage architecture that once was a girls school now lies in near ruin.  Chris carefully and purposely composes a stunning series and provides some background history on the location to provide extra depth.  No matter what your taste in art, this series is guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone who pops by for a visit.

Learning to See (Part 8) – profound, touching, emotional and accented with some of the best photography the world has ever seen, this post from Tom Dinning takes us deep into ourselves and answers some questions about why we pursue this craft.  Guaranteed to inspire you to push further and harder, this wonderful post will leave you with as many questions remaining as answered.  This is a must-see post for this weeks list!

View from the Burj Khalifa – the most difficult thing to do while viewing this iconic photograph is to try and take your eyes off of it!  Good luck there; this truly epic shot by Barbara Youngleson shares a view taken high atop the worlds tallest structure, showing a burgeoning and busy world below.  This is a true must-see image in this weeks list!

View from the Burj Khalifa (No. 2 in a Series) – this is the second installment in Barbara Youngleson’s latest post series.  Taken high atop the worlds tallest building, this is a truly breathtaking image that is guaranteed to absolutely amaze and delight everyone who visits!

A Walk in Richmond Park – a truly wonderful post, straight from the studio of Viveca Koh shares two distinctive images from a recent visit to the park.  Her wonderful talents in the realm of textures really comes shining through in this set of photographs, and they are complete with fabulous details, drama and tension, making this a must-see post in this weeks list.

Wool Grading – Dodgy Room #2 – a breathtaking image awaits the viewer with this incredible photograph from the studio of Mark Blundell.  Risking life and limb in the name of art, Mark goes to incredible lengths to capture and deliver an image that is so stunning, it is guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone who visits.

Reflections – this has to be one of the most beautiful and stunning photographs of a fireworks display I have ever seen in my entire life.  Michael Glover scouts out the perfect location for the composition he had in mind, and sets about capturing this breathtaking photograph that has the most wonderful reflection in a pool of water in the foreground to add so much interest.  A must-see shot in this weeks list!

Passport – history and wonder intertwine in this great blog post by Bob Lussier.  Two passports are reminders of the families that came to North America to establish it are the subjects in this truly great photograph, a piece that is guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone.

[url=]IMG_9023[/url] by [url=]efanphotography v2[/url], on Flickr

Hospital B – The Bends – delectable textures and details await the viewer with this great shot from the studio of Mark Blundell.  Mark specializes in abandoned facilities and with this shot he strikes a proverbial home-run.  Definitely one of the best shots posted in this weeks list, this is a true must-see.

Following in the footsteps of Passport and Moreno – this is a truly epic post by our very own @astoroth here at Light Stalking.  In this post, he attempts to produce works that were done previously by photography masters, and here he captures his new images in modern times using his own skills to achieve incredible results.  Join him on this journey, you will not be disappointed.

Peep Show – now don’t get too excited, this is a G rated show we host here.  But, with that being said, this set of great photos from Sarah Ria gives us a great glimpse into a texture-rich vehicle that is long out of commission.  This great set is a wonder to see, well worth the time to visit and view.

External corridor leading to wooden door, Ca' d'Zan Mansion – a great architectural detail study, straight from the studio of Mark Summerfield, shares a view of an iconic mansion that is absolutely wonderful.  Using HDR techniques, Mark is able to highlight all the details and contrast in the scene producing a strong and compelling piece.

Sunset at Joshua Tree Park – this is a jaw-droppingly awesome photo, full of great color and details to enjoy.  In this image, Chris Frailey captures a great scene of the iconic Joshua Tree as the sun sets, producing a ton of drama through the wonderful composition.

Seattle White Stuff – Jay Taylor creates a wonder piece of imagery with the storm that hit the Pacific Northwest area.  The snow delivers a sense of beauty and wonder, and in the background the frozen city of Seattle sits…  a beautiful and dramatic scene, all at the same time.

Wrecked in the Snowy Desert – this is a truly dramatic image by Kristi Hines that showcases a long wrecked and abandoned car in the desert.  Surrounded by it’s own parts and full of truly wonderful textures, this highly dramatic image is full of interest and wonder, well worth the time to visit and view.

Wandering at the Ritz – what a great architectural study, and full of color, too!  In this great post by Jim Nix, we get a view of an iconic hotel as it sits water-side, producing a truly compelling and wonderful image that is a joy to view.

Winter Barn Sunset – fabulous colors and details await the viewer in this wonderful photograph from Jerry Denham.  An iconic barn sits behind a body of water as the sun sets, and Jerry masterfully captures the landscape scene, complete with stunning colors displayed in the grasses in the foreground.

Abandoned Warehouse – a stellar shot from Scott Hovind takes us inside an abandoned warehouse for a really well composed shot that delivers a dramatic and compelling piece of imagery.  Strong details and elements of interest begin to emerge further as the viewer spends time taking the image in, a picture that is well worth the time to visit and view.

Breaking News: Huge Blob Consuming Jupiter – a highly creative and utterly fabulous shot straight from the studio of Erik and Kathleen Kerstenbeck shares a slightly abstract piece with us.  Great colors and details all converge in this mostly abstract piece, delivering a photograph that is guaranteed to mesmerize everyone who visits.

Tinted Windows – a dramatic and highly detailed architectural study graces our screens with this fabulous post from Jimi Jones.  As you spend some time taking in the wonderful details and tones, the strength of the image itself really begins to captivate; a really incredible photograph to say the least!

Storm Rocks with Tidepools – a wonderful surreal and slightly ethereal shot from Ehpem really delivers a dramatic and captivating image to enjoy.  Using long exposure techniques to capture the picture, this technique also serves to produce a strong sense of mystery and interest; well worth the time to visit and view!

Setting Moon – a stunning, stunning image using long exposure techniques awaits the viewer in this spectacular post.  The moon creates a long and gently glowing reflection across the water, creating the most beautiful natural light.

Wool Grading – Two Ways – displaying the mastery of the equipment at hand, Mark Blundell captures and shares a truly breathtaking scene in an abandoned building.  Using the corridors as natural leading lines through the frame, the viewer is gently guided about the entire scene taking in all the details and textures that are so carefully captured and shared here.

HDR Fun in Illinois – using HDR techniques to produce great imagery complete with textures and details, Shane Lund creates a series of wonderful photographs.  Abandonded and weathered locales provide the perfect subjectry for Shane, and he masterfully captures and shares a truly incredible set for everyone to enjoy.

Weekend Relaxer #3 – the master of photography using Lego’s as props delivers a wonderful and humorous post.  Chris Nitz carefully intertwines great photography with a touch of levity to bring everyone a completely unique view of the world.  A truly wonderful post, well worth the time to visit and view.

Out of Control – textures, details and rust are the words of the day in this epic masterpiece from the studio of Scott Frederick.  His UrBex work is truly second to none, and in this post he takes us inside an old abandoned train car for a look at it’s weathered interior.  Absolutely top drawer, a must-see image for this week!

Great Blue Heron – a stunning view of this incredible bird awaits the viewer in this wonderful photograph from the studio of Jay Taylor.  The perfect composition and wonderful details in this shot converge to bring the viewer right into the scene, producing a striking and compelling piece to be enjoyed by all.

I’ll Take Mine On The Rocks – a wonderful landscape photo of a fast moving stream, complete with great and crisp details of the rocks to enjoy.  Mike Victorino captures a scene with some frozen water on the rocks, creating wonderful details and textures to take in; a piece well worth the time to visit and view.

Ladies In Red – Carlos captures and shares a set of images of bright and vibrant red flowers.  The accompanying blog entry really adds an element of profound to this set, producing a short series that is absolutely delightful.

Water’s Edge – the Boston city skyline is most wonderfully captured and processed by John Sotiriou in this post.  The beautiful lights from the city and it’s skyscrapers present a breathtaking scene to the viewer, one that is a must-see from this weeks list.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Stare Down – this is a truly top drawer image of a hummingbird in mid-flight, straight from the studio of Mark Paulson.  Mark masterfully captures and shares an image of this beautiful bird as it goes about it’s business, producing a truly compelling shot that is truly mesmerizing.

Glowing Graffiti – I love old and abandoned buildings, they are full of rich character and details.  In this iconic shot by Scott Hovind, he takes us inside a warehouse where we can see some great graffiti as well as a few other truly compelling elements, like a great reflection in a pool of water that sits in the middle of the building.

Downhill Run – Jim Denham shares a wonderful action shot taken of an athlete in motion.  He also shares some technical insight into the process he used to capture the shot, which serves to further add interest to this already incredible photograph.

Shadows, Toronto – this is a really dramatic image with wonderful shadows, producing a photograph full of tension and questions yet unanswered.  Ren Bostelaar masterfully captures a couple in a dark alley, and their silhouettes serve to add so much drama and personality into the scene.

Sky on Fire – an epic landscape shot by Helene Kobelnyk captures and shares a mountain scene with incredible colors in the sky.  The most wonderful tones are present here, and Helene really brings to life the setting as presented to her, producing a strong and mesmerizing piece sure to delight and amaze everyone who visits.

Flight – a truly great set of images by Adam Allegro showcases some paraskiers as they go about jumping off a perfectly good mountain, all in the name of thrills and excitement.  What’s really exciting here is the truly wonderful images that Adam has captured of the event to share with us all; top drawer shots!!

[url=]Pontevedra-A fonte dos nenos3[/url] by [url=]juantiagues[/url], on Flickr

Reflections – indeed, reflections are in order here!  Steve Beal risks life and limb in the process of capturing this truly mesmerizing image.  A paper mill sits on the shore in the distance, creating incredible interest and natural lines to the shot, one that is a must-see image in this weeks list!

Sector A – Edin Chavez masterfully composes and captures a shot of a main train station in Europe, producing a true work of art that is absolutely captivating and mesmerizing.  Fabulous lines produced by the grand architecture are combined with the natural interest inherent in trains to create a truly dramatic and compelling photograph to view and enjoy.

Wengen – Learning to Ski – this is a truly wonderful set of images taken in the Swiss mountains at a ski lodge.  LensScaper (Andy Hooker) masterfully captures the wonder of the surrounding landscapes and accents it with careful and meaningful compositions to bring this wonderful set of images to life for everyone to enjoy.

First Snow of 2012 – what a fabulous trio of images as captured and shared by Jimi Jones.  In particular, the first shot leads the viewers eye really naturally through the frame by the way the shot is composed with a creek running through.  All three pictures really exemplify the winter, producing beautiful pieces that are absolutely captivating.

Rooftop View – so many wonderful details to take in with this incredible black-and-white shot by Edith Levy.  In this scene, Edith carefully captures a scene from the window of her room at the Chateau Frontenac, producing a piece that is so full of wonder and detail it’s guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone who visits and views.

Malahat Building – a heritage building in Victoria, the city I live in, is the subject in this great blog post by a local photographer.  Fabulous architecture and compelling colors merge here to create something absolutely wonderful and unique.  We at Toad Hollow Photography did a post of this same building, shot in HDR, last year in case anyone would like to see that.  “The Toad Loves Customs

Before Self Serve – a classic and character-rich gas station poses for John Sotiriou in this truly wonderful photograph.  The picture-perfect composition and surrounding elements combine to create a strong and compelling piece that really takes us back to a time now long past.  What a fabulous image, well worth the time to visit and view!

First Sunrise in Everglades National Park – stunning, colorful, interesting and full of tension, this incredible image from the studio of Anne McKinnell delivers a truly colorful and incredible photograph.  The sunrise produces striking colors, and Anne masterfully captures a pair of shots to really bring the scene to life for all to enjoy.

Venice Rooftops – incredible European architecture is the main subject of this epic photograph by Len Saltiel.  Great tones and details in the buildings that surround the main subject, Scala Contarini del Bovolo, accent the overall setting and combine with Len’s exquisite composition to deliver a truly breathtaking shot of this iconic city skyline.

Scene With Remixed Joy – a minimalistic shot complete with intrigue and tension is shared by Gareth Glynn Ash.  The black-and-white processing utilized is truly sympathetic to the subject-matter, and Gareth captures and delivers a piece that is utterly dramatic and full of interest.

Nashville Glistens – the cityline of this beautiful city forms the subject of this iconic shot by Jim Nix.  Beautiful lights light up the city, and the wonderful tones and colors evident in the skyline add a strong sense of beauty and interest to this exquisitely composed shot.  This image is a highlight of this weeks list, and is guaranteed to delight and amaze all who visit.

River Crossing – Curt Fleenor uses a bridge as a leading line and creates a wonderful composition of a fast-moving river.  A sense of the strength of the running water is offset by the gracious bridge span that crosses the waterway, producing a strong and compelling piece for this weeks list.

St. Andrew Church – a strong and compelling HDR piece by Giuseppe Sapori delivers an image of this iconic church that is full of great details and textures to enjoy.  Incredible colors and intricate details all emerge as the viewer spends time taking the scene in, producing a piece that is well worth the time to visit and view.

A photographer’s holiday – here on Light Stalking, a thread came up on our forums this week by Tom Dinning (@tomdinning) that was so amazing and full of great photography, it warranted being highlighted in this weeks list.  An epic set of images is merged with fabulous prose to create a storybook tale, guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone who pops over to see.

Garage Door, Toronto – spot-on composition merges with a great subject that is framed perfectly awaits the viewer in this great shot by Ren Bostelaar.  The true nature of life in Toronto comes to light here in the exquisite image, well worth the time to visit and view.

Moraine Lake Waterfall – this image is a colorful and vibrant metaphor for the message that the good folks at Hansrico Photography are sharing with everyone.  This gorgeous waterfall deep in the forest of Moraine Lake in Banff, Alberta, Canada provides the perfect subject for Rick, as he truly captures and shares something very special.

Ice Cave – something dramatic, something alluring, something mysterious…  all these elements combine in this landscape photograph taken in Alaska.  This ice cave is a true gem to behold, and Len Saltiel shares some details of it in his post including the fact that it will likely disappear in the coming months.  Absolutely fascinating.

The Greatest Remedy – this is beyond fabulous.  I love imagery of old and character-rich artifacts, and in this shot Edith Levy delivers!!  Wonderful details and textures are all here to be enjoyed, producing an image that is a must-see shot in this weeks list.

[url=]El prisionero[/url] by [url=]Jonathan Rubio[/url], on Flickr

47th-50th Street — Rockefeller Center – great framing in photography has a huge ability to produce drama and tension if used correctly, and in this wonderful photograph from Mark Garbowski we’ve got this.  The viewer can spend a considerable amount of time taking in all the wonderful details in this shot, as the people standing on the platform create an infinite amount of interest here.  Well worth the time to visit and view.

Deadwood – natural elements in the form of the deadwood help to create the most perfect natural leading line in this fabulous shot from the studio of Aaron Barlow.  The black-and-white processing used to create this image adds so much drama and intrigue to the shot, producing a strong and compelling piece.

Fire On The Salton – the most incredible colors await the viewer in this epic landscape shot by Chris Frailey.  A wonderful reflection adds so much interest and allure to the image, a piece that is guaranteed to delight and amaze all who visit and view.

Just Peachy – wonderful colors and tones are captured in this beautiful flower photo from Bev.  The details in the petals as so carefully captured here really work to produce a lovely image, one that is a true gem in this weeks link collection here.

Ladybug and Nature's “Bling” – a photograph so crisp, so detailed, you can make out all the finer points in this ladybug who is covered in dew.  The incredible macro photography work of Kerri Farley comes to us today, delivering a truly wonderful picture that is guaranteed to bring joy to the nature lover in us all.

A Walk In The Park – a Griffon Vulture strolls across the park, posing and creating the perfect subject for Bev and her incredible nature photography.  All the wonderful details come to life in this shot of this truly incredible bird, well worth the time to visit and view.

Be Aware of Wonder – Kerri Farley captures another incredible wildlife photograph with this top drawer picture of a Blue Jay in the winter.  The details are so crisp and sharp here, you can almost read this little birds mind as it sits in the tree and tries to stay warm from the ravishes of the harsh winter climate.

Time Is Fleeting – a truly wonderful piece, from the studio of Andy Gimino, shares an interesting ice formation formed in the dead of winter on the shoreline.  Abstract in nature, this image is full of interest in the form of natural leading lines, as well, the ice formations themselves are absolutely mesmerizing and a real joy to view.

The Little Things – another wonderful wildlife post from Anne McKinnell shares a great shot of a tree frog going about it’s day.  The wonderful details in the image really help to bring this great little amphibian to life for us all to enjoy, producing a piece that is a pure delight to view.

Notre Dame de Lourdes – Casablanca – Mark Blundell delivers an epic 360* panorama presentation done in HDR of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Casablanca.  Truly stunning colors and details are all here to be enjoyed by everyone as Mark shares an image that is absolutely compelling and revealing, something that is a true joy to experience.

Evening Towers – a wonderful detailed and colorful architectural study by Tim Stanley shares a wonderful view of skyscrapers in Houston.  His subtle use of HDR as a technique for photography really brings extra interest and depth to this image, producing a truly compelling piece to enjoy.

Architecture Gallery – a truly wonderful gallery of architectural pieces and city skylines as posted by Michael Klement.  This is a breathtaking set of images, well worth the time to visit and view.


Power Plant – Most Wanted – what an absolutely amazing must-see post in this weeks links list!  An abandoned power station provides the perfect subject matter for an UrBex photographer, who gains access and then goes about procuring an absolutely astonishing set of photographs to share with the outside world.  The tip of the cake, the cherry on top if you will, has to be the articles he’s included in the post that mainstream media reported on..  and these are all complete with alien sightings, just to add a touch of interest and levity to the whole operation.

25 Awesome Castles You Should See – being an avid lover of castles, there is no way I could miss this post!  This feature blog shares 25 of the most incredible castles you’ve ever seen in your life, and we have to say that the photography is absolutely breathtaking here!  Great shots punctuate the inherent interest in the structures themselves, delivering a must-see post for this weeks list!

Singing To Freedom – we’ve seen the documentary that discusses the event that Erik and Kathleen talk about in their blog post, and it was beyond astonishing.  The Kerstenbecks head to Estonia in this post to capture an epic set of images and merge that with incredible details in the accompanying blog post to create a piece that is just so stunning and well worth the time to visit and see for yourself.

Desert Treasure: Red Wreck – this is a wonderful post that discusses the hidden treasures that are found in the desert.  In this case, we find ourselves exploring a classic red car that has somehow found itself upside down and utterly wrecked; a great post with some fabulous photography that is well worth the time to visit and view.

Photographing the Life of Orphaned Burmese Refugees – photography isn’t always about capturing alluring shots of butterflies and flowers, sometimes it’s a very important medium used to tell a story to a wider audience that would not know of it otherwise.  This post is a great example of this.  An orphanage full of beautiful young faces beckons the viewer in this post, producing a strong and compelling set of dramatic images guaranteed to leave everyone highly emotional.  This is a must-see post for this week.

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