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We've had another exciting week in the field of photography and here we find that Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching the internet for links to tutorials, special features and great photography to share with everyone.  This weeks collection of links features a wide variety of styles and topics that cover the latest trends and articles in the field.  We really hope you enjoy this set of links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing it to you.


5 Photography Projects You Can Do When You’re Stuck Indoors – weather can be an inspiration killer in terms of getting outdoors and capturing photography. This list of 5 projects comes to us right here on Light Stalking and gives us a solid set of concepts that can all be applied indoors to produce great imagery.

Box Repsol
Box Repsol

How to Shoot Street Photography While Traveling – we have all traveled at some point and taken photographs of our experiences, or we’ve followed someone who has reveling in their exotic and interesting perspectives of new and far away places. This great article covers a wide variety of issues when travelling and photographing your adventures, adding to your repertoire of techniques that you can call upon on your next trip.

Get amazing outdoor location portraits by mixing ambient light with your flash – learning how to balance ambient with flash lighting is a key skill to learn when shooting portraits. This article includes a terrific 5 minute video segment that helps to simplify this concept by showing you the technical settings for the camera as well as showing the results these settings can create, in a simple to understand presentation.

Create a Trendy Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop – advanced techniques in Photoshop can produce very creative pieces that are suitable for many different applications. This technique outlines how to blend several images into one double-exposure picture by showing you step-by-step one way of doing this. The article also includes screenshots with each step to make it easier to follow along with your own creations.

Robert Sullivan
Robert Sullivan

How To Use a Gimbal: What You Need – as video becomes much more prominent in the field of imagery, so does the application of gimbals in helping stabilize the video platform to help create professional looking video. This tutorial covers some of the various types of gimbals that are available today and their specific applications.

Photographer Gavin Hoey Shows You How to Make a Breeze In the Studio – this terrific video presentation covers several different appliances that are perfectly suitable for creating a wind effect in the studio. The inclusion of a nice breeze for shooting fashion and/or portraits adds a great element in this genre of photography.

Peter Trimming
Peter Trimming

How to Take Photos of People Like a Professional – photographing people can be daunting for those who haven’t done much of it before, and having an article like this full of great tips can be a very welcome resource. The article covers many of the basics behind this type of photography and includes terrific sample shots to illustrate visually the core concept explored.

Personal Pearls of Wisdom: Tension gets your attention – Joe Baraban has had an extensive career in professional photography and often shares his personal insights into the craft that can really help us all take our imagery to the next proverbial level. This brief article discusses the power of composition and artistic tension, one of my favorite photography elements that truly helps draw a viewer into a picture.


30 years later: Exploring Pripyat in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and shooting only with iPhone – this terrific feature presentation has us joining a photographer who visits the exclusion zone near Chernobyl on a photo-expedition. The images that come out of this area are always compelling and full of awesome artistic tension as we strive to imagine what life was like before and during the incident, and how the ravages of nature and time work so quickly against things man-made in terms of natural decay.

Nguyễn Việt Linh
Nguyễn Việt Linh

Time Releases Short Documentary About Robert Capa's Iconic D-Day Photographs – back in the day before TV news coverage was the most prevalent source of information for a world hungry for the latest news, TIME magazine was one of the most trusted sources. This short video documentary showcases the work of a combat photography, and the resultant story that followed, revealing a look at the action of war that was found on the beaches of Normandy during that fateful time.


туманное утро… – Ed Gordeev shares a highly evocative image here that is full of drama and rich artistic tension. The picture appears to focus on a religious structure that sits just beyond a still body of water with swirling fog lingering on the horizon to add to the surreal aspect of the photograph.

Quan H. KIM
Quan H. KIM

Grand Place at oh-dark-thirty – Jim Nix gets up before even the birds to capture this terrific shot of the town square in Brussels. As a result of his personal sacrifice, we all get to enjoy a terrific and detailed shot of this well-known architectural feature in the center of a very old city.

Moody Morning in Banff – a gorgeous azure palette is expressed in Moraine Lake in this gorgeous landscape shot by Perry Hoag. The rugged mountain ranges that stand tall in the backdrop add to the overall drama that can only be discovered in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

Granary – Palouse, Washington – old and weathered buildings often provide the best photography subjects for those daring enough to find them. This wonderful photograph from Len Saltiel is a great example of this, sharing a look at an old grain elevator sitting in the foreground of a field of grain ready for harvest.

Spiral staircase at Leica – Herbert A. Franke shares an abstract architectural study in this photograph that features a winding staircase at the Leica headquarters. Subtle shadows play against the edges of the features of the staircase, culminating in a glimpse of a delicately cloudy and blue sky through a small circular window.

SRV – Stevie Ray Vaughan was an icon in the world of blues music, leaving this earth far too early in his talented life. This great shot comes to us from Michael Criswell who captured a picture of a statue in his honor with the city of Austin in the backdrop for context.

Jason Jacobs
Jason Jacobs

Bavarian Spring – little log cabins sit amidst the fields in this landscape shot by Daniel Casson that reveals the inherent beauty of the region. In the background here, we find incredible snow-capped mountains that look as if they reach for the heavens, showcasing the natural drama found in nature.

Snowy Bison, Yellowstone NP, Wyoming – the bison is an incredible animal that still inhabits vast regions of the United States, living in harmony with the land as it always has. This great portrait of one of these animals comes to us from Mark Paulson who captured it during the snowy season, highlighting the spirit of this massive creature.

Timothy Neesam
Timothy Neesam

Pier A in New York City, circa 2008 – Evan Gearing’s photo focuses on a scene in downtown New York taken from a boat on a tour. One of the terrific buildings in this shot is full of texture and detail, presumably built many years ago reflected in the weathering found on the exterior of this character-rich structure.

Look But Don’t Linger – the incredible ocean surges on the west coast of Canada are well known for the epic beauty they create, along with the incredibly dangerous conditions for brave boaters. This shot from Laurie MacBride takes us to one such remote location where the rugged beauty of the coast comes to life.

Phare… – this highly stylized image comes to us from Krzysztof Browko who shares a moody shot of a romantic lighthouse looking out towards the open waters. A cobblestone walkway creates a terrific leading line that takes the viewer through the frame where a light atop the lighthouse beckons and warns sailors in what looks to be a stormy environment.

Nick Rowland
Nick Rowland

the strange, strange forest – old cedar trees stand sentry alongside a wooden boarded walkway that leads deep into the forest in this terrific shot from Frank King. The boardwalk creates a perfect leading line, guiding the viewer right through the frame and out into a vanishing point.

Dolomiti mood – incredible clouds float and linger around a rock face feature found in these world-famous mountains in a great photograph by Johannes Hulsch. Little else is shared in this composition, creating an ethereal scene that reveals the natural formation from behind a veil of fog.

Cathedral of St. John The Baptist – the state of Georgia is host to the Cathedral of St. John The Baptist, as revealed in a pair of terrific photos posted here by JayJacy Photography. The incredible and dramatic architecture of this storied place truly comes to life in these shots, sure to be enjoyed by everyone who enjoys this style of design.

Giuseppe Milo
Giuseppe Milo

St Mark's Square – extremely old architecture peers out from behind the stone archways in this incredible blue-hour photograph by videophotoart com captured in Venice, Italy. Hundreds and hundreds of years of history comes to life in a frame in this piece, taking us all to this exotic spot in this world.

Valencia – Mathias Lucas shares his personal gift of incredible vision with everyone as he explores a wonderful community in Spain here. Vignettes of architecture, graffiti and details of the city come to full life in this amazing set of photographs, leaving us all with the distinct feeling we’ve visited this place in person.

Paddle Dreams – Johannes Höhn shares an incredible landscape shot in this piece that shows a lake surrounded by dramatic mountains that reveal themselves in countless layers in the distance. The perfect finishing touch for this picture is found in a lone canoer making their way across the lake which adds a perfect touch of scale to the photograph.

Official U.S. Navy Page
Official U.S. Navy Page

Brown Bear Cub – my personal love and affinity for bears comes to life in this wonderful photograph from Ron Niebrugge. Ron captures this portrait shot of a small brown bear cub as it looks back intently at the camera, just as curious about us as we are about it.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam – character architecture that can only be found in Amsterdam is the prime focus of this great image by Remo Scarfò. This shot was captured in the evening, allowing the lights inside the buildings and the wonderful details and colors to pop out of the frame.

TWiz in the HOUSE – Michael Criswell shares a great shot of the interior of the Texas House of Representatives in this post. By using a wide perspective panoramic format, we get to see the scale and detail of this poignant space during a time when the facility is empty.

What We Recommend to Improve Your Photography Fast

It's possible to get some pretty large improvements in your photography skills very fast be learning some fundamentals. Consider this the 80:20 rule of photography where 80% of the improvements will come from 20% of the learnable skills. Those fundamentals include camera craft, composition, understanding light and mastering post-production. Here are the premium guides we recommend.

  1. html cleaner  Easy DSLR –  Friend of Light Stalking, Ken Schultz has developed this course over several years and it still remains the single best source for mastering your camera by identifying the main things that are holding you back.
  2. Word to html  Understanding Composition – As one of the core elements of a good photograph, getting your head around composition is essential. Photzy's guide to the subject is an excellent introduction. Their follow-up on Advanced Composition is also well worth a read.
  3. Word to html  Understanding Light – Also by Photzy, the other essential part of photography is covered in this epic guide and followed up in Understanding Light, Part 2. This is fundamental stuff that every photographer should aim to master.
  4. Word to html  5 Minute Magic Lightroom Workflow – Understanding post production is one of the keys to photographs that you will be proud of. This short course by one of the best in the business will show you how an award-winning photographer does it.

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