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The world of photography never seems to rest, and thank goodness for that! In this article, we find that Toad Hollow Photography has been searching all over the internet for links to great photography resources and images for enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy.

This week's list contains a wide variety of subjects including tutorials, drone videography, and photography, special features, and as always great photography. We really hope you enjoy checking out all these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this weeks list to you.


How Sharp Focus Will Take Your Landscape Photography To The Next Level – there are many key elements to creating awesome landscape photographs, all of which are discussed in this terrific article posted here on Light Stalking. If you follow each of these tips, you are assured of coming away with the best quality shots you can get, and the results will be personally satisfying as well as admired by all who see them.


7 Tricks for Making Basic Selections in Photoshop – learning how to properly use the selection tools that are available in Photoshop is an important skill that you will use in all your image post-production once you have mastered it. This short video tutorial covers a wide range of methods that are easy to use and remember, allowing you to up your selection game in Photoshop.

5 Practical Tips for better Spring Photography – now that spring has sprung up here in the northern hemisphere of our planet, many of us photography enthusiasts can be seen out and about looking for compositions that elicit the feel of the budding season. This short tutorial covers a few tips and tricks for maximizing your photography opportunities outdoors, all punctuated with some terrific sample shots to show you how to apply the concept.


How to Photograph Flowers Splashing in Milk with an Infrared Laser – I just love this kind of ingenuity where someone has a goal in mind and then goes through the steps of designing and creating a very elegant solution. In this case, the solution is the timing of the firing of a strobe light to capture a beautiful flower the split second it makes contact with liquid. According to the article, this technique resulted in a 100% success rate. The finished images are very unique and well worth the effort that went into the hardware and process.

How to Create the Perfect Automotive Rolling Shot – shooting cars can be a daunting field to work in as they tend to be the largest reflective surface you’ve ever worked with, creating challenges in managing light against creases in the bodywork and curves that comprise the overall look and feel of the car in question. This terrific tutorial talks about how to capture one specific type of car photograph, one where the car is captured in motion. The end result is stunning, and being able to have all this insight into how it was done is invaluable.

Ihsan Aditya

How to Add Splashes to Your Product Photography With Exposure Blending – learn how to apply advanced compositing techniques to create an awesome product photo that looks like it came straight out of a catalog. The entire process is covered in this video tutorial that walks you through each step.

Introduction to Shutter Speed in Photography – shutter speed is a key part of the “exposure triangle” to effectively manage, allowing you to create a sense of motion in your frame, or freezing motion with crystal clarity depending on how you set it up. This article goes into good depth on how to take control of this aspect of your exposure so you can create the image you have in mind.

Nuno Obey


Spectacular Drone Footage Show Surfers Riding Giant Waves – let’s join the folks over at National Geographic as we get a great look at drone based video and photography of surfers riding massive waves. The incredible perspective afforded by using a drone creates compelling and fresh looks at subjects that we have all enjoyed historically with terrestrial-based photography.

Stunning drone photos show the beauty of Barcelona from above – architecture and humanity converge in this amazing set of shots that were all captured from drones hovering high above the city below. Some of the shots take on a highly abstract look and feel, and the entire collection is an excellent example of what can be accomplished when using this new perspective available to photographers around the world.

Surreal Photos Shot From the Sky – check out this wonderfully unique series of shots, all captured from above with a drone, that reveals really different perspectives of things in nature combined with carefully staged people. The results are absolutely astonishing, with each image capable of pulling the viewer into the frame for a prolonged look as reality intermingles with the surreal.

Sebastian Voortman

These stunning drone photos really put humanity in its place – this series of award-winning drone based shots reveals exactly how this exciting new technology can be used to maximum effect. Each of these shots stands alone in terms of artistic tension and interest, with a wide variety of locations and themes illustrated in imagery. This set is sure to inspire everyone who is already using these new technologies in their workflow and is guaranteed to motivate those who have been considering it all to get out there and join this emerging community of artists.

Here Are The Best Aerial Photos Of 2017 – DJI is arguably the most famous drone manufacturer in the world and they host a contest named SkyPixel which saw over 44,000 submissions from 141 Countries for their 2017 contest. This selection of the best of those submissions shows us how powerful a perspective drone can provide in the field of photography, with many of the pictures listed here standing out as awesome representations.


A Case For Black & White – Alan Ross has had an amazing career, having had the opportunity to work closely with Ansel Adams during the prime of his career. This terrific article talks about how black-and-white is a great format that can be used to its full potential in the realm of landscape photography. This is a very interesting story to read, full of some of Alan’s great shots from his own portfolio.

Photographer Takes Profoto Lights to the Sky for Mid-Air Skydiving Shoot – some folks love to jump out of perfectly good airplanes from extreme altitudes, but what if we add to that by including a photography team for the ultimate in action shooting? Check out this post that showcases a team of adventurers that did just that.

Robert Anthony Carbone

Polar bears suspend their “family time” to assist BBC filmmakers – when you combine wildlife photographers working outdoors in extreme conditions capturing amazing candid footage of polar bears in love with a robotic camera that takes a spill you get some pretty amazing video. Check out this wonderful feature that shares the short story of this occurrence, and of course as we would hope and expect a ton of hilarity ensues.


HARMONY III – Silence and Dynamism – this highly artistic black-and-white shot from Naoki Fujihara shares a vision he had that included a train track with a contemporary building composited into the same frame. The negative space he includes highlights the various lines, shapes and geometries explored in this piece, converging to create a very dramatic interpretation of his personal vision.

Man Dy

Warhol at Golden Hour – the city of Pittsburgh has never looked as compelling as it does in this stunning shot from Michael Criswell captured during the golden hour on a photography exploration with a visiting friend. In this great shot, we get to enjoy a view of a modern bridge that creates a perfect leading line into this city, and this is coupled with a terrific reflection of the entire scene in the relatively still waters of the river.

From Another World – Roger Hill captures the majestic and powerful beauty of nature in the form of an incredible supercell storm event in Kansas in the United States. This picture perfectly captures the unreal shapes and forms that clouds can take on when riled up into a massive storm system that slowly traverses over the landscape below.

Peng LIU

Manor GT, England – Obsidian Urbex Photography brings us along on another explore, this one taking us inside a grand old manor that is in a bad state of disrepair. The accompanying article to the photography study of the stately home provides some great background information which helps to perfectly frame the images captured and posted here.

Vernazza.. – the coastline of Italy makes a splendid anchor for this shot from Krzysztof Browko that reveals vibrant colors in the sky from the low hanging sun against the foreground of the tiny Italian community that sits perched on the cliffs. The wonderful colors of the homes and buildings of the tiny town are accented by the lights that are visible in the low light conditions.

Brandon Morrison

Predawn Burlington Bay, Minnesota – an early morning adventure lends itself to the opportunity for photography we see in this terrific shot by Mark Paulson. This shot features a gorgeous and vibrant skyline produced by the sunrise, with great details in some of the natural features that grace the foreground of the composition.

Chicago Skyline – this dramatic skyline photograph of Chicago finds great expression in the warm tones that dominate the overall picture as the lights of the city twinkle and clouds create a sense of dynamism above. John S captures this shot as the lights in the buildings are balanced perfectly with the ambient light, creating a compelling shot delivered in a panoramic format for maximum effect.


Craig Bay Sunset – moody clouds linger overhead as the sun begins to set on the day in this beautiful seascape shot from Vancouver Island photographer Randy Hall. This photograph is finished off with the silhouette of the bit of land that juts into the frame from the left side.

Peeking over the hill – the beautiful natural rolling landscape of Slovenia forms the perfect canvas for this shot from Peter Zajfrid taken at the moment the sun rises above the hills in the distance. A thin mist lingers over the setting as a tiny home emerges in the early days light to greet the new day.

Emiliano Arano

London Lights – on a visit to London by Jim Nix he envisioned and waited patiently for this image to present itself, and he then captured it perfectly. This shot features some of the classic architecture of the city in the deep blue hour as light trails from moving cars dash their way across the frame to add a sense of motion.

*** – Ed Gordeev takes us to the heart of Russia where a beautiful scene awaits us all to discover in his photograph. This shot features a church sitting near a still body of water that creates a compelling reflection, while the rest of the scene is gently covered in a thin mist for a touch of drama.

Working the Fields – LaCrosse, Washington – bucolic scenes found at farms can be a very powerful compositional setting, as we see in this great shot from Len Saltiel. Captured in the Palouse region of the northwestern United States, we see a farmer working the land with his tractor as waves of color and lines reveal themselves in the pasture beyond.

The Power of Waimea – Warren Ishii captures a tight frame of a rolling and dramatic wave as it crashes near the shores of a beach in Hawaii. The incredible power of the wave comes to life in this photograph as the huge rolling body of water travels across the open oceans of the water to finally find a home on the beach.

Chevanon Photography

Fresh Spring Tulips – this set of photographs presented by Rachel Cohen shows us the incredible colors and natural beauty found in flowering tulips in the springtime. Rachel’s use of a shallow depth-of-focus in these shots serves to highlight some of the delicate details of the flowers, and also creates a perfect sense of isolation for them by creating a perfect backdrop.

Home – for those who love abstract architectural studies, this is a shot you will definitely want to see in this weeks list. Peter Stewart composes this piece by looking straight up at a large apartment complex in Singapore, creating terrific leading lines that guide us through the frame. In the skies above, a wonderful color palette emerges to finish this composition off just perfectly.

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