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The internet provides a wonderful opportunity for people to network, and Toad Hollow Photography follows many sources during the week to find the best tutorials, photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.   This weeks list features a series of incredible posts and pictures that we truly hope everyone enjoys!

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Digital Camera Sensor Sizes – this in-depth and complete article on the topic of sensor sizes goes into great details to try and demystify the specification and the underlying effects.  Well written with accompanying illustrations, this article is sure to shed light on the topic for everyone ranging from the novice to the professional.

Photo Tips for Dream Cruise Weekend in Detroit – although the weekend may have passed by the time you read this blog, the tips and tricks are absolutely timeless.

Stopping the action in sports photography – Lee Brown write an excellent blog post on how to stop action right in its tracks for photographing sporting and fast-moving events.  These helpful tips and techniques are sure to expand almost everyone’s repertoire in terms of this genre of photography.

What Camera Should I Buy? – a wonderful guide on selecting the right digital camera for you, whether it is your first one or you’re wanting something with more features.

Sunset Photography Settings and Tips – a great set of tips and tricks for how to shoot that perfect sunset.

What Gear Do I Need? – Dave Wares compiles a great article on outdoor photography and required equipment.

The Importance of Correct White Balance & DNG Color Profiles for HDR Images – master HDR photographer Brian Matiash publishes a truly fantastic and highly informative article on the importance of white balance in HDR photography.  The same lessons applied here will be true for conventional photography, as well, making this a must-read article for all photographers alike.


Aaron Photography – a wonderful example of HDR photography done well.  Subtle contrasts and processing bring out the incredible details in the subjects, making for a delightful collection.

At the top – I got vertigo just looking at this.  Seriously.  This amazing photo was taken from the top of the top of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Hoover Dam – definitely an oft photographed icon in American landscape photography, Jason Hines gives us a new and unique perspective of this facility in the twilight hours.

Tiny Dancer – a wonderful and emotional photograph of a young Japanese dancer.  Perfect composition captured at just the right moment, a truly delightful image!

Gamer Protection Services – one of the statues at the Gen Con 2011, a gaming convention, is the subject for Chris Nitz and his photography.  This crisp and detailed image of this massive statue, beautifully processed in B&W, really brings the personality of this character to life.

Astounding Alaska – Erik and Kathleen Kerstenbeck share with us a beautiful picture taken of snow covered mountains in Alaska.  The image appears to be taken at water level, creating a really unique effect; well worth the time to see!!

Big Junction Overlook – this early morning shot in North Carolina captures the fog rolling in over the distant mountain range.  A breathtaking photo from Jerry Denham showcasing this beautiful part of the world.

IMG_2446-2 by winnu, on Flickr

Fiery Fox – Christina Rollo – sometimes you see an image so stunning that the first second you set eyes upon it, you stop breathing…

Leaf swirls #1 – a complex orchestra of events and talent merge to be at the right place at the right time… with the right gear.  Andy Gimino displays a picture taken of a natural occurrence with amazing results.

Damselfly – Lady Blue Eyes – a truly amazing close-up shot of a truly amazing creature that will amaze everyone!  Wonderful details make this image jump out of the monitor.

Las Vegas – Jason Hines showcases a truly wonderful image taken of the Bellagio with the fountains providing a wonderful fore-ground.  A bright and colorful picture, sure to amaze everyone!

Off The Grid – photographer Steve Beal is taking a brief break from his blog, and has left us this gem to enjoy in his absence!  This picture of the George Washington Bridge is perfectly composed with the reflections in the pool of water at the forefront just adding so much.

Schnappschuss – photography can tell a story in one glance, probably one of the key facts in my personal deep love for it.  This image will make you smile and perhaps even laugh…  a true joy to take in!

The Conductor – two images processed differently from the same frame produce radically different feels.  A portrait of a train conductor by Chris Frailey shows off his two different styles.

Dreams of Coffee – a spectacular image of a coffee bar that will have you entranced for quite some time!  Fabulous reflections in the marble counter and crisp details make this wonderful image pop right out of the monitor.

Striped Owl – whachoo looking at?  Wow, sometimes you see an image of a particular animal that just makes you jump out of your seat; this is a great example of that!

The Vicarage – click the link, right now, you won’t be disappointed, I promise you.  This wonderful and heavily processed image of a vicarage was very popular on 500px this week and a quick look will reveal why.  Truly jaw-dropping work here.

Swallows – a forum post by Light Stalking’s very own @recdavies displays a series of images taken of barn swallows.  These incredibly detailed images are so wonderful, they will leave you wanting more!

Bald Head Boat House – a wonderful and dramatic image taken of an old boathouse.  The B&W processing of this image really bring out some strong drama in the overall scene, producing a wonderful image.

Meeting at Tradd – an architectural piece produced by Jim Denham, this wonderful image is of a Scottish church in Charleston.  Full of great details and wonderful tones, this picture is absolutely incredible.

Foxy – this B&W portrait of a fox has just exquisite details and depth of focus, really bringing the subject right out of the frame.  Crisp details and perfect composition really give us a glimpse into the life of this fur bearing friend.

Blackwell Lighthouse – An HDR Collaboration – some of the top HDR photographers display their processing skills by processing the same set of brackets, each in their own style.  The results are a series of fabulous pictures, each with their own style and flavor.  Definitely a highlight for this week!

The Mortuary – a completely creepy and compelling series of images on display of a mortuary now pretty much deserted.  These series of images are perfectly composed, bringing all the drama and intensity forward to the resulting pictures.  A true must see, if you have the courage!

Happy Accidents – as the lightning season is in high gear now, Scott Wood shares with us a truly incredible shot taken of a lightning strike.  Crisp and detailed, you can almost smell the ozone in the air!

Saturday Morning Light – sometimes I’m amazed at the quality of imagery one can produce with the latest phones.  This shot taken of a Detroit market by Catherine Ross really showcases both the market and it’s wonderful lighting, but also really shows us how these cameras can be used for serious work.

Shadows – wonderful light creates compelling shadows to enjoy in this architectural study.  Great details and textures pop to life with incredible clarity, a truly amazing image!!
Ochtendmist by baswallet, on Flickr

Smile! A Tiny World of Insect Portraits – absolutely creepy, yet somehow utterly compelling!  A series of images of insects taken with a scanning electron microscope is sure to amaze everyone, but beware, these are extreme closeups of rather unattractive beings.

Paaaaaawwwwwww – candid photos of beautiful babies are hard to resist.  Abby Elliott delivers one of the most adorable photos of her little boy playing with a family pet.  This picture will touch your heart.

Tanks – Bob Lussier shares an image processed in B&W of tanks.  With his style and eye for composition, the results are so very dramatic.  Well worth the time to check out.

Empty Dock – a truly magical and special photograph showcasing a dock in the early morning light as the fog gently creeps in.  This image portrays a mystical and solitary feeling and is just so wonderful to view.

The Gear Of Foreign Dead Men – a dark and dramatic image with wonderful processing to really bring this scene to life.  Mark Garbowski displays a wonderful portrait of nautical artifacts in a truly dramatic fashion.

All Aboard the Alaskan Rail – a wonderful landscape photo taken from the back of a moving train looking at the amazing scenery that is Alaska.  Mount McKinley makes an appearance in this shot, definitely something worth seeing.

Home on the Range – a wonderful reflection in Barbara Youngleson’s latest offering is truly something that will take your breath away.  Fabulous details in the surrounding landscape add so much interest, a picture that can keep you captivated for quite some time!

Singer In The Room – Scott Frederick showcases another image taken from an abandoned lace factory.  Full of wonderful details and textures to enjoy, including an old Singer sewing machine.

Little House Full of Prairie – a wonderful shot taken by Rob Hanson delivers a house in the process of being taken over by Mother Nature herself.  Colorful and full of details…  well at least the details that aren’t cloaked by vegetation…  this image is just wonderful!

Candid New York – a small series of candid street shots from New York city.  There’s something highly emotional about well done candid street shots, and this set is sure to satisfy that craving.

Intensity (A beautiful mistake) – leading weather photographer Mike Olbinski shares with us an image of a lightning strike.  That’s right, the entire strike, including where it landed!  A truly jaw-dropping image that is a true must-see!

Boys, Boys, Boys – a truly heartfelt capture by Anne McKinnell brings us an image that could be taken 100 years ago, if the equipment existed.  A wonderful composition and end result, just full of incredible emotion, well worth the time to pop over for a look!

Florence at Sunset – a truly romantic scene by Edith Levy shows us a snap of the sun setting in Florence.  The country of passion and love comes to life in this incredibly wonderful photograph.

Sunrise In Corpus Christi – a stunning sunrise shot taken on the Texas coast at Corpus Christi, this breathtaking image is full of wonderful colors and tones.  Incredible composition truly adds a dash of drama to the scene, making for a completely wonderful picture.

Hoo! – an absolutely stunning portrait of a most beautiful owl!  Sure to delight and amaze anyone who loves nature and wildlife, this picture is truly amazing.

Over The Edge – a pair of pictures taken at the Cherokee National Forest showcasing the incredible natural waterfalls.  Gorgeous landscapes and a sense of power are captured in these wonderful photographs.

Divine Shot – multiple lightning strikes coupled with an incredible backdrop create one very powerful image.  Wonderful colors and tones add to the beauty, this is an awesome photo.

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel – a wonderful surreal photograph depicting a dream-like place.  The forest parts, revealing a light fog forming over the water producing a truly beautiful scene.

A Retirement Plan – a pair of awesome photos from Erik Kerstenbeck showcases a wonderful little winery in Napa, California.  These scenes are not typical in the least and are exquisitely captured to share with us all.

Chuckie the B-17 – Jimi Jones delivers a set of incredible photographs of a vintage B-17 bomber.  Rich colors and wonderful details in all the posted images provide a wonderful peek into history.

Legends Of The Fall – Mike Olbinski shares with us a truly emotional piece, a barn in a field of wheat.  The lonely barn sits amidst a sea of waving wheat, which really delivers a powerful and profound image to enjoy by all.

Permaquid Reflections – a truly breathtaking shot that will make you gasp!  Wonderful reflections create a stunning impression of this beautiful scene so beautifully captured and processed.

The Cubbyholes of my Mind – the work of the masterful Viveca Koh never ceases to amaze us here, and this new image really drives home why.  Profound and insightful, this picture is sure to amaze everyone.

Unfolding Context – a rich and colorful shot from Gareth Glynn Ash provides enough to please everyone with the rich colors, but also presents a touch of drama with the lighthouse in the distance producing a striking silhouette.

Final Destination – Scott Frederick delivers another striking UrBex shot from the Kirkbride designed Abandoned Hospital in NJ.  Rubble, textures, tones and crisp details converge to produce a truly jaw-dropping shot.

Dove Love – leading nature photographer Kerri Farley shares with us an absolutely exquisite image of 2 doves together.  This wonderful photograph really shows off the beauty of these lovely little feathered friends and is a pure joy to view.

Swans – a gorgeous photograph of a few swans swimming in the water and with the current lighting they cast wonderful silhouettes.  Absolutely beautiful, well worth the time to check out.

The Stately Saddle Billed Stork – a wonderful portrait of a beautiful bird!  John Mead shares with us a fabulous image and a really wonderful blog write-up of a Saddle Billed Stork.

Milky Way above the Himalayas – this wonderful photograph is so stunning, you might think it’s a painting.  This breathtaking shot of the stars and the mountains in Nepal is absolutely astonishing.

The Many Faces of Lake Clark’s Alaskan Brown Bears – Richard Bernabe posts a series of the most incredible bear photographs I have ever seen in my life.  Sure to delight and amaze everyone, this series is just something you don’t get a chance to see often and is well worth the time to check out.

Vista Point – Chris Frailey delivers a stunning landscape shot overlooking a most glorious panorama.  The sun creates an effect in the sky, helping to add to the overall feeling of the picture.

Countryside – a series of images of a barn in a new neighborhood, brought to us by Heather Neil.  The melancholy sensation of a lone barn in a field can truly be appreciated through the lens of Heather, definitely time well spent.

The Raptor – if you enjoy wildlife photography, and birds specifically, this image is guaranteed to blow you away!  Fabulous depth of focus and crisp details deliver a picture that gives us a brief glimpse into the heart and soul of one of these powerful birds.

Mackinac Bridge – a wonderful architectural piece from James Howe gives us a great look of this bridge.  Fabulous details and great composition bring the drama out of the scene.


How Different Photographers Approach the Same Subject – 12 Portraits of Andy Warhol – personal interpretation in photography is a key component in the outcome, and this wonderful study of Andy Warhol really embodies this concept.

At 83, subject of ‘American Girl in Italy’ photo speaks out – this is an absolutely astonishing blog post sure to delight everyone!  A look back at an iconic series of candid shots by Ruth Orkin that have become culture classics and are sure to endure forevermore.

A Fanciful Frolic at The Secret Garden Party – a wonderful series of images taken at an outdoor festival really show off the event and the photography handiwork in an extraordinary way!  A trip into another world, well worth the time to view!

Most Beautiful National Parks Seen From Space – a set of really incredible photos taken from space of national parks.  Definitely a view we don’t normally get to see, this is a really great set!

Guess what, your photography is worth something! – Scott Wood gives us a great description of why to never give your work away for free.  As photographers, we spend time and money producing our work, and when the industry is devalued by this sort of action we all suffer.

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