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It's been a terrific week in the world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been searching all corners of the internet to find the best links to tutorials, reviews, special features and of course, great photography to share here with everyone.  This week's list has a few tutorials and some terrific special features, including a pair of links to time lapse videos that are rather amazing.  The list also hosts a comprehensive selection of links to great photography pieces encountered by the Toad.  We really hope you enjoy!


How to edit a HDR beach scene – Edin Chavez produces a 13 minute video tutorial here that outlines the process he used to create a great HDR shot.  The results are rather dramatic and well worth the time to see for those looking to get into HDR or to take your work to the next level.

Using One LED Light in the Studio – Joe Farace introduces a lighting concept for portrait work in a studio.  The simple setup he proposes and illustrates with a great portrait photograph is a great way to introduce dramatic lighting in the studio in a simplistic way.

How To Build A Giga Pixel Scanner – Charlie Romer devised a summer project that saw him create a truly incredible giga pixel scanner by designing and creating a custom frame and using a high resolution digital camera.  The concept itself is great, and Charlie’s execution of the idea is interesting to see.

Back to Basics: Bracketing – I do a lot of bracketing in my practice for the HDR imagery we create at Toad Hollow Photography.  Joe Farace discusses the concept of bracketing to allow you to select a proper exposure once you’re back in your digital darkroom, and the sample images he includes in the post do a great job of visualizing the key points in his article.
sunny by gato-gato-gato, on Flickr


The Fuji X20 Review – Chris Nitz publishes a short but concise review of the latest camera in this line-up.  He discusses all the pros and cons of this format of camera and includes a lovely sample photograph at the end of the article to accent the overall points made.


Time Lapse Shows Burning Man Playa From Afar – Makes You Wanna Go Closer – this incredible time lapse presentation showcases the annual event captured from quite the distance.  The amazing size and scope of the feature event comes to life when you get to see it from this perspective, and taking it all in like this from the comfort of your chair makes for a compelling piece of video to view and enjoy.

Stunning Macro Photos of Bees Courtesy of the US Geological Survey – an incredible set of macros is posted and shared by US Geological Survey’s Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab Flickr, and this post features a selection of those pieces.  The details are spectacular, revealing a microscopic world most people don’t have a chance to see.

Behind the Costa Concordia timelapse – Tony Gentile shares a time lapse video he created of the parbuckling operation of the prone Costa Concordia cruise ship in Italy.  He discusses his thoughts and techniques, adding incredible depth to the video and giving us all an idea of how a presentation like this comes to life and is created.


the timekeeper – this shot features an astronomical clock built in 1472 in Germany, focusing on the rich details of the machine that still works.  If you love antiques and old machines, this picture from the studio of Helmut R. Kahr is one you won’t want to miss.

dawn at dawn – a profound piece that shares a captivating picture of an old war bunker, looking out through the window at the landscape and shore in the distance.  david stoddart’s picture includes graffiti sprayed on the wall that really turns an incredible shot into something rather poignant.

Herstmonceux Castle ( Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 ) – photographer Barry Turner captures a trio of iconic shots of Herstmonceux Castle, built originally in 1440.  The majestic building blends in wonderfully with its surroundings here, producing a captivating study of both old architecture and details in texture.  The wonderful reflection in the still waters that surround it add a terrific touch.

Golden Gate Fog – the dramatic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco barely peers out from a thick veil of fog, creating a very dramatic subject enveloped in mystery for the viewer to take in and enjoy.  Andrew Cameron’s shot features great details in the bridge that work wonderfully with the inherent ambience of the area to deliver a picture sure to be enjoyed by all.

Collywell Bay – this long exposure piece from Jimmy McIntyre finds us enjoying a lovely scene looking out over the waters of the bay as an incredibly beautiful sky paints the scene in fabulous tones.  The great natural rock formations add dimension and interest to the picture, as does the way the water appears so silky due to the long exposure times used to create the piece.

Have a Seat – out on a photo exploration with a photographer friend, Rich McPeek captures a wonderful sunrise shot in the city of Pittsburgh.  The beautiful reds of the morning sunrise play with the dramatic architectural elements of the Andy Warhol bridge to create an image that is striking to view.

The Guinness Brewery gate – Jim Nix captures an iconic shot of this famous facility’s front gate as it presents itself half open.  The incredible classic architecture plays perfectly with the gates and the raw drama in the sky to deliver a really compelling piece.

Milky Way from Fraggle Rock – Adam Allegro captures an amazing photograph of the Milky Way taken in the heart of the night in Thailand.  The wonderful green glow from the star cluster works in harmony with the way he light-painted the surroundings a bit to add a touch of interest and drama to the scene.

To See The Light – Mark Garbowski captures a shot taken inside the enigmatic Eastern State Penitentiary that features a stunning vanishing point and dramatic lighting to accent the intense feelings.  The elements of decay from years of neglect work perfectly in this shot to create and deliver a terrifically moody piece.

The Roman Pool at Hearst Castle – a visit to the national and state historical landmark at Hearst Castle finds Edith Levy capturing a set of shots of the incredible indoor swimming pool along with all of its rich artwork, tiles and details.  The incredible colors and design of this dramatic setup really pop in the series posted by Edith.

10 Spectacular Wooden Churches From Russia – this post combines two of my favorite things; incredible woodwork and the epic architecture of churches.  Richard Davies travels through Russia and comes away with a terrific series of shots featuring these old buildings and their truly incredible character.

Tilting and Shifting in the Burgh – Mike Criswell visits Pittsburgh with Rich McPeek and shares a couple of the shots he captured that day.  Using Canon’s tilt-shift lens, Mike creates a pair of images that are both very unique and different from each other.  The incredible details in both shots are really quite compelling, making for a must-see post in this week’s list.

Atlanterhavsveien – a green semi crests over a ribbon of highway that creates a terrific natural leading line to guide the viewer into and through the frame.  Viggo Johansen’s great composition for this piece really sets it apart, making it an instant favorite in my books.

Osaka by night – incredible details and light come to life in this shot taken overlooking this city in Japan at night.  Huy Tonthat 2 creates a picture here that lures the viewer deeper into the frame to discover some of the less obvious secrets hidden in the terrific details.

Warm sunrise – New Zealand – a gorgeous landscape pops out of the monitor in this photograph taken by Tarik AlTurki in New Zealand.  The frozen waters in the foreground of the shot take you right into the mountains in the distance where the light from the emerging day basks the scenery in great details and colors.

Indian Tiger – the fierce spirit and personality of this big cat comes to life in this terrific photograph taken by Vijay ks.  The dramatic lighting captured in this scene works in perfect harmony with the spark of character the tiger is exhibiting to deliver something truly special.

Hot rods! – a local car show provides all the subject-matter a photographer could ask for, and Derrick Birdsall’s post here features some great examples of this genre of imagery.  Derrick takes in a few details of some of the cars on display, showcasing the inherent beauty found in the design and implementation of classic cars.

California Wader – this shot posted by Jay Taylor features this bird standing in a shallow pool of water, accented by the warm tones from the natural light that surrounds it.  Terrific details in the bird are explored in this shot, showcasing a little of it’s personality in an image.

The Ruins – The Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson Mansion forms the perfect subject for the photography of Wilfredo Lumagbas Jr.  The hollowed out mansion is a shell of what it once was, casting a striking silhouette against the natural surroundings that enhouse the remains of this once glorious structure.  A highly dramatic piece, sure to be enjoyed by fans of this genre of photography.

Moraine Lake – the truly epic beauty of this gorgeous lake found deep in the heart of the Canadian Rockies is explored in this breathtaking picture from Dave McEllistrum.  The mountains that surround this incredibly colored lake find themselves reflected back in the mirrored waters of the lake itself, casting an alluring reflection of the dramatic landscape back to the viewer.

Low level flight – a Tawny Owl flies just a few inches above the floor of the forest that it calls home, straight towards the camera of Craig Brady.  The perfect shallow depth-of-focus does a great job of isolating the dramatic image of the owl, creating a piece full of artistic tension and wonder.

Big Mouth – a jaguar lying on the rocks yawns in this shot captured by Tim Stanley.  The big cat’s ease and confidence is evident in the shot that showcases its powerful jaws and sharp teeth.  Great details here, well worth the time to visit and see.

Rural landscapes: the road to autumn – Frank King takes us to the foothills of the Canadian Rockies where he captures this incredible shot that features a ribbon of straight highway leading the viewer into the heart of the frame and into a deep and wonderful vanishing point.  The incredible beauty of the mountains in the distance add great drama to a shot full of terrific elements.

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