10 Incredible Photos of Antarctica by Fiona Hall


Light Stalking has been blessed by the continued support of wildlife photographer and Antarctic specialist, Fiona Hall. In addition to kindly allowing us to raid her notes on light direction, Fiona has also agreed to allow us to display some of her incredible photos of Antarctica. Fiona’s images have been used in magazines and newspapers and are part of the library at prestigious Antarctic stock photography company, Arctic Photo. In 2007, one of Fiona’s images of a Penguin made it all the way to the semi-finals of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award out of an entry pool topping 20,000 photos.

If you are interested in purchasing any prints of Antarctica by Fiona, don’t hesitate to drop her an email. (We can certainly vouch that these shots look even more incredible in print than they do on a computer screen).

Penguins in Antarctica
Kodak Alley in Antarctica
Iceberg in Antarctica
Humpback Whale in Antarctica
Iceberg in Antarctica
Penguins on the Beach in Antarctica
Albatrosses in Antarctica
  • On Shaky Ground
  • Fiona’s Online Gallery (with more information about the photos above)
  • About Fiona Hall

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Testing out your new twitter / comment thinggy. My friend is currently on the Sea Shepard, cruising off Antarctica, getting in the Japanese whalers way. I look forward to see his pictures of this region.

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