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15 Extreme Close-ups of Ants

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Macro photography that is well done can introduce a whole new world of subject matter to photography fans. As these extreme close-up photos of ants show, there is a beauty that exists at such a level that we rarely get to see it. These are some of the best macro shots we have seen. Don't forget to check out the resources at the end of the post if you want to find out how to emulate these shots.

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Photo by ViaMoi

Wanna Bite?! Part Deux

Photo by Gerald Yuvallos


Photo by Jurvetson

Ant Portrait

Photo by Binux

Photo by NeilsPhotography

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann


Photo by Dincordero


Photo by Dincordero

Photo by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Photo by Sandhiya R

Photo by Syed Ali


Photo by Myriorama


Photo by Texeiro de Freitas


Photo by Andreas Solberg

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