Composition: Using Piers and Jetties to Draw the Eye: 21 Nice Examples


When looking to compose an outdoor image, there are very few human-made objects that can be used to direct the eye of a view quite so succinctly as a jetty or pier. The leading lines of the structure can be utilized to great effect in either a perfectly symmetrical photograph or to draw the eye to another area of the image. We think these photographs demonstrate well how this can be done. And, composition aside, they're just a cool bunch of photos!

Photo by lee
Photo by Kevin Botto
Photo by Kevin Botto
Photo by Kevin Botto
Photo by cookie monster
Photo by tourist_on_earth
Photo by Julie
Photo by Jynto
Photo by Martin from Tyrol
Photo by muha…
Photo by Tim J Keegan
Photo by Dan Meineck
Photo by Mike Locke
Photo by Sid Mosdell
Photo by Mike
Photo by Johnny Worthington
Photo by Ibrahim Iujaz
Photo by Gordon Joly
Photo by Alessandro Alba
Photo by Jim Donnelly
Photo by Bucky Hussain


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awesome views you put.
the one with photo © 2010 Stephane is fantastic.
Cory Kipa got a magical sunset.
Ben Newton’s has a smiling face shaped by clouds.

so many beautiful views piers or jetties you put.
they’ll be more useful if they were at HD 1920×1080.
thank you creative.

While I agree that the images are, for the most part, exquisite, by the time one gets to the 27th, one is thinking CLICHÉ !

All really nice, crisp photo’s. would be great to take some of my wedding clients down to these locations for a shoot.

Beautiful stuff, I envy you the time that is needed to take this sort of picture, I just can’t get away from my keyboard any more

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