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Sky Rats: Surprisingly Interesting Photos of Pigeons

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Getting a great photograph isn't always a factor of finding the most spectacular subject to shoot. While you might be forgiven for thinking that images of the humble pigeon could be quite boring, the fact remains that a good photographer can make an interesting photo of a mundane subject. These photographs of pigeons, affectionately known by many as “sky rats,” shows what can be done with some photographic skill.

"See, told ya, he's late again!" by linh.ngân, on Flickr
Going home to roost by Steve-h, on Flickr
city wildlife by Pixel Addict, on Flickr
darkness I by notsogoodphotography, on Flickr
Victoria Crowned Pigeon by digitalART2, on Flickr
Walking by K.Hurley, on Flickr
Waiting for girlfriends by Jsome1, on Flickr
Upwards by Steve-h, on Flickr
Australian Top Notch Pigeon by aussiegall, on Flickr
Spread Your Wings by Nazer K, on Flickr
Pigeon – Budapest 04 by Jennifer R. Graevell Photography, on Flickr
Good, Bad & Ugly ! by NJ.., on Flickr
Watching you…watching me…. by law_keven, on Flickr
bird lady by striatic, on Flickr
Lunch by conorwithonen, on Flickr
Sunbathing (DSC_0099) by Schristia, on Flickr
rubbish lord by mugley, on Flickr
Pigeons by luigi morante, on Flickr
To be, or not to be by NJ.., on Flickr
San Francisco – Pier 7 "Seagull & Lampost Silhouetted" by David Paul Ohmer, on Flickr
Who aaare youuuu….? by | spoon |, on Flickr
Wrinkled by Steve-h, on Flickr
Boo! by MSVG, on Flickr
A Pigeon life – De Beauvoir by fabbio, on Flickr
Quintet by tanakawho, on Flickr
looking for a bride by Outburner, on Flickr
The Famous Pidgeon of Dortmund by LordFerguson, on Flickr
To you … by Claudio Gennari …"Cogli l'attimo ferma il tempo", on Flickr
God Loved the Birds by Lel4nd, on Flickr
flights by Nesster, on Flickr
Plotting. by shawnleishman, on Flickr
Valzer Mélancolique by Geomangio, on Flickr
30 days of 85mm by Photography King ♛, on Flickr
pigeon wire again by Nesster, on Flickr
Bird on a Wire. by Jenah Crump Photography, on Flickr
Geez by elsamuko, on Flickr

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