29 Strong Compositions That Use Railway Tracks


Railway tracks provide an excellent subject with which to practice using leading lines in photography. If you can mix the obvious compositional advantages of the long lines with other good photography techniques, then you can get some great results. These photographs have largely managed to do that, many in an eye-popping way. So enjoy the collection and use it for ideas for your own leading lines shots.

Photo by Ella's Dad
Photo by Steve Jurvetson
Photo by William Cho
Photo by kimdokhac
Photo by nerovivo
Photo by Hugo Clément
Photo by piotr mamnaimie
Photo by Joeri-c
Photo by Ghazaleh Ghazanfari
Photo by Geert Schneider
Photo by Gerriet
Photo by Ian Sane
Photo by Kasia
Photo by Kevin Dooley
Photo by Kevin Dooley
Photo by Ian Sane
Photo by Cyril
Photo by Bruce Fingerhood
Photo by Greg
Photo by Maarten Takens
Photo by Christian Holmér
Photo by Aurimas Mikalauskas
Photo by Randen Pederson
Photo by Sergio Monsalve
Photo by Dan Eckert
Photo by Nic McPhee
Photo by Jack
Photo by Nick Ares
Photo by Basheer Tome

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Fascinating gallery of perspective photography with one of the best subjects – railway tracks! This gallery is a work of art!

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