Don’t Know What To Shoot in the Rain? 10 Shots for Inspiration


Shooting in the rain is not many photographers' ideal setting. The rain throws up all sorts of difficult and harsh lighting conditions and keeping your gear dry can be a challenge. But shooting in the rain is a valuable skill exactly because it is difficult and challenges the photographer. And if you're really lucky, you might even end up with a great shot like one of the ones below.

rain ruined
Photo by (3)
Singin' in the Rain
Photo by Dun.can
Rain Drops
Photo by Mike
Rain drops on Jatropha
Photo by Ton Rulkens
rain over street lights
Photo by Silent Shot
He comes with the rain
Photo by Jiunn Kang Too
In the rain
Photo by Lida
walking in the rain (ii)
Photo by Clara T
Photo by johnny myreng henriksen
Rain, rain, go away...
Photo by Muha

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Great examples. I will try some of those. But its Snow time in Sweden 🙁

Some articles for inter photography will be quite appreciated.

Great photos. I especially like the robin in the puddle photo. Would love to take similar pics but i’m afraid of damaging my camera in the rain.

I hate rain for various reasons however now I will see it as another great photo opportunity and an expansion of my creativity.Thank you !

some amazing images here. despite rains negative connotations it makes an amazing picture. It can even be used really well for wedding photography. if you can avoid getting the bride and groom wet that is.

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