Reusable Straw Photoshopped Into Political Advert for Reasons Still Unknown


How politicians present themselves in media is often central to their campaign’s messaging strategy, but even this stretches into the absurd.

Element5 Digital from Pexels.

Canadian Green Party Elizabeth May is at the center of a Photoshop controversy after her group used the software to edit a photograph of her to include a reusable straw where no straw existed previously.

Of course, as leader of a party predicated on environmental awareness, that makes some sense if they really think people are studying political adverts that closely. Still, many are using this as a story to underscore just how silly things have become in certain parts of society.

A representative for the Green Party told the publication the National Post, “Photoshop was used to add in a different cup that displayed the Green Party logo.”

It almost sounds like “fake news” but it isn’t. Photoshop never ceases to amaze as a source of comedy but this story probably takes the crown in the marketing/digital media category. 

The main question is why the group thought adding in a straw where none existed previously would somehow make this photograph a better representation of Elizabeth May as the leader – especially in an era that prides itself on “authenticity.” Nothing says authentic like summoning a metal straw out of thin air to conform to seemingly ever-shifting standards.

For those of you that might not know about it there is a campaign out there to educate the public about the impact of single-use plastics such as straws. To combat this, advocates say that consumers should use metal, reusable straws instead. 

Other than admitting to the embarrassing photo editing, the group has had nothing else to say about the matter.

You can view the photo and the edited photo by clicking here.

Of course, we’d like to hear what you have to say. Do you think this is an example of political correctness gone awry or savvy marketing that pays attention to the details? Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below.

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Years ago, I was doing a PR photo shoot of political candidate along side a film crew that was making a television commercial for him. It was at his house. The Director of the commercial wanted his wife sitting at the table in the kitchen reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee while her husband, the candidate, was busy at the stove making bacon and eggs for them for breakfast. As they were setting this up… the wife rolled her head back and let out the loudest laugh ever- right before she said, “this this the stupidest damn idea you could have possibly dreamt up. If we hadn’t led him (the candidate) in here- he wouldn’t even know where the kitchen was!” The Director responded, “we want to make him look down to earth and approachable.” “Good luck with that,” she retorted! “You better hope that nobody asks him for a recipe.” Anyway… it was a funny moment. The candidate? He could care less what said or done. Politics… it’s all phony!

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