These 12 Photos Make Great Use of Rivers for Composition


We have covered before some important elements of landscape composition such as the s curve and rule of thirds and how sometimes it's even ok to go outside these “rules.” Well, we thought you might also like to look at some great shots that take some of these guidelines into account by using rivers to enhance the composition or draw the eye. Plus, they're just damn nice photos!


Photo by Kaneda99

Stone bridge

Photo by SergioTudela


Photo by Margotta


Photo by Nicholas T

Early morning on the firehole. - 1129

Photo by Dicktay2000

For Denise...who's gonna need cheering up, when we grab those 3 points in 2

Photo by law_kevin

Photo by Johny Goerend

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Photo by Hari_kr

Swan Lake...

Photo by law_kevin

naviglio grande, milano / milan - italy

Photo by Paolo Margari


Photo by Nicholas T

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