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16 Stunning Long Exposure Rock Pool Photos

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Combining long exposure and moving water often produces haunting images, if you can get it to work. Whether it be streams, rivers, lakes or oceans, the effects can be spectacular. There are a group of photographers mainly centered around Sydney (but also a few other places) who practice long exposure photography on the beaches and rock pools and who are damn good at it. We thought we would show you some of their work.

North Curl Curl Explosion
Photo by TimboDon

Perfect start on a perfect beach
Photo by Sachman75

Serene Manly Dawn
Photo by Sachman75

Kajo In Action
Photo by Brentbat

North Curl Curl Rock Shelf
Photo by TimboDon

Cute Pool at night in BW
Photo by Brentbat

Photo by Tricky

Pt Cartwright Dawn pool
Photo by Dazza17

Black Lake
Photo by Premasagar

The Heart
Photo by ccdoh1

Photo by Bill Hails

Coogee Sunrise - Sun Up
Photo by Blemtley

A Clear Morning
Photo by TimboDon

Marengo Sunrise
Photo by ccdoh1

Coogee Sunrise - The First One
Photo by Blentley

Coogee Sunrise - Reflection
Photo by Blentley

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