The Macro Bug Portraits of Ronny Overhate Will Make You Happy


One of the wonderful things about working at Light Stalking is that you get to spend a good portion of your days wandering around the Internet looking at the works of some very creative people. Recently, I was lucky enough to stumble across the work of Ronny Overhate on Pixabay and his macro bugs brought an immediate smile to my face. So much so that I just had to share them! The sharp images with colourful backgrounds remind one a lot of Thomas Shahan's work, but for anybody who has tried to replicate the look, well… let's just say it takes a lot of skill and a superhuman amount of patience.

To see more of Ronny Overhate's work, you should check him out on Gurushots, Instagram and Twitter or take a look at the stuff he has uploaded at Pixabay.

jumping-spider-1091142_1920 spider-1122439_1920 housefly-1122462_1920 robberfly-1122508_1920 housefly-1127619_1920 jumping-spider-1127626_1920 ant-1127650_1920 hoverfly-1128253_1920 housefly-1130511_1920 robberfly-1130469_1920 jumping-spider-1130504_1920 jumping-spider-1130449_1920 grasshopper-1130458_1920 insect-1129237_1920 morph-1131636_1920 damselfly-1131638_1920 spider-1131640_1920 damselfly-1133819_1920 jumping-spider-1131539_1920 grasshopper-1137243_1920 jumping-spider-1137288_1920 damselfly-1138481_1920 damselfly-1138638_1920 insect-1140026_1280 (1) beetle-1142373_1920 robberfly-1142401_1920 insect-1144710_1920 spider-1145105_1920 jumping-spider-1153974_1920 jumping-spider-1165752_1280 yellow-flower-1177155_1920 jumping-spider-1183412_1920 queen-ant-1193472_1920

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Amazing talent. For years I have been shooting macro but lack the focus stacking skills and the incredible patience to get results like these. Truly amazing to see the world of insects at this scale.

Dear Thomas,
What lens do you suggest for Nikon users ????I own a D5100 and planning to buy nikkor 105 f/2.8 macro lens.Is there any alternative to that?Please suggest.
thanks in advance.

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