Why Photographers Love Sailing Regattas: 17 Fantastic Photographs


Regattas, or un-powered boat races for you land-dwellers, is a global sport with participants from all kinds of backgrounds.  For those who participate in these races, it's a team effort, one which every person aboard must be on top of their game and giving 100% or the whole team could lose.  For fans of regattas, they are simply a marvel in moving beauty, and make fantastic photography subjects.  The sea itself has a beauty to itself, when it's adorned with bright, colorful sails and team members often leaning over side to counterbalance, the danger also is seen.

These 17 photos show the overview and detail of why photographers love regattas, and hopefully inspire more of you to shoot them.

Photo By Peter Simmons

Team Spirit

Photo By Xavier Donat

 Tuiga in front of Saint-Tropez

Photo By mhobl


Photo By sharkbait

The Owl of 1909

Photo By mhobl

Spinnaker Sailing

Photo By Alex @ Faraway

The Joy of Sailing

Photo By mhobl


Photo By mhobl

Regatting on Malafemmina

Photo By Stefano Liboni

St Barth lone-fox

Photo By muscapix

Rounding the leward mark

Photo By dinghyman

070729-24 Classic Yacht Regatta

Photo By Andries3

Photo By Oziel Gómez

Photo By Dudu Viana

Photo By Richard Bradburn

Hobie Regatta

Photo By Pak Gwei

Photo By Ricardo Esquivel

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