Samsung Presents Credible Challenge to Sony’s Dominance in the Image Sensor Market


Could Samsung displace Sony as the world’s dominant player in the image sensor market?

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

A recent from Nikkei Asia indicates just that and it apparently has something to do with Sony’s cozy relationship with beleaguered Chinese smartphone giant Huawei.

How so?

Apparently, Sony has prioritized its relationship with Huawei over that of other smartphone manufacturers. Rather than wait their turn, they’ve gone elsewhere; namely, they’ve headed on over to Samsung.

And as we all know, Huawei has not enjoyed the best press of late.

Aside from being the focus of trade ire between the United States and China, the company is also being cut off from supply chains critical to operating in the US market. As we reported the other day, the company is even spinning off its Honor brand to shield it from any more negative fallout from the trade disputes.

Nikkei Asia reports, “Sony maintains a cautious stance, while Samsung is going on an investment offensive as if now is their chance,” an official with a supplier of equipment used in the production process of image sensors said to Nikkei Asia. “The two companies are demonstrating totally different moves. …Sony may fall into a vicious circle in which it turns cautious about investment in the absence of [an] expectation of solid demand, resulting in a loss of competitiveness. If that happens, Sony may see its long-held stronghold crumble.”

What do you think of Samsung’s attempts to challenge Sony for the image sensor crown? Will the South Korean conglomerate succeed or fall short of its goal? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below if you like.

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