Fantastic Uses of Shadow to Enhance Photographic Composition


A strong shadow can add great effect to a photograph. As a compositional element that is used to draw the eye, however, a shadow can be a defining feature of an entire image. We think this collection of images demonstrates how a shadow can be used to great effect in drawing the eye. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Sinister In A State of Hope
Photo by Hessam

deux et deux
Photo by Boston Bill

New balloon plus our shadow/ glory.
Photo by Ms4jah

Photo by Ricky David

Little Flower, Big Shadow
Photo by Randy Son of Robert

frozen light in a snow weekend, MANZANEDA ☃
Photo by Paulo Brandao

Angles, lines, light, and shadows
Photo by Kevin Dooley

Photo by Matt Caplin

yielding lucidity
Photo by Lєaтнєянєaят

walking hand in hand
Photo by Garo Baldi

ninja cat
Photo by Robert Couse-Baker

Photo by Deussentrieb

Photo by TheJBird

shadow cycling
Photo by MW

golden wanderings
Photo by Mugley

Reading Between The Lines
Photo by Bob Jagendorf

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Thank you for posting these great pictures, I love the shadows theme, the photo of Rufus Gefengenen posted here is really amazing!

I’ve worked to a project involving shadows projected inside old abandoned buildings in Sicily.
If you wanna take a look:

Here an example:

Stunning pics and I have ‘shared’ this on my blog so that more can perhaps benefit from seeing these. The collection really gives inspiration to try something out. The image by Lєaтнєянєaят really made me stop in my tracks.

I’d also recommend any users try clicking on the names under the photos here to see more great work.

This is a very inspiring photo collection! I particularly liked the Deussentrieb photo, it created a fantastic alien-like image. Thanks for sharing!

Shadows put the subject in value, and unveil its personality, creating a whole story in the viewer’s mind. Nice collection!

All are nice but some are more nicer than others. I prefer the photo from the dog from Robert Couse-Baker! Mysterious.

brilliant photos. i think the shadows add another dimension to the images, extremely effective. given me some ideas for mine, thanks!

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