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25 Fun and Creative Photographs of Sheep

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Farms are a great spot to get some great photographs, and while sheep aren't usually held up as the most photogenic of subjects the results of shooting them really are up to the skill of the photographer. We think they can be as fun a subject as any other and this collection was certainly fun to put together too.

Photo by Atli HarĂ°arson
Photo by Heather Buckley
Photo by Hans Splinter
Photo by John Haslam
Photo by Alan Cleaver
Photo by Dave Wild
Photo by Eflon
Photo by K.Hurley
Photo by Schmilblick
Photo by Cpettit2007
Photo by Roger Davies
Photo by Roger Davies
Photo by Adam
Photo by Richard Fulop
Photo by McKay Savage
Photo by Tambako The Jaguar
Photo by Marianne Perdomo
Photo by Francois Schnell
Photo by Lydur Skulason
Photo by Peter Eckersley
Photo by Pedro Figueiredo
Photo by Problemkind
Photo by Ethan R
Photo by Andy Armstrong


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