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Breath-taking Silhouette Photography: 23 Incredible Photos

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Getting silhouette photos right is a lot harder than it would seem. The contrast obviously needs to be pronounced but it is also pretty easy to take poor silhouette photos. These folks have just about nailed it. Thanks to DPZ digital photography blog for the idea for this collection. As always, see our useful list at the bottom for tutorials on taking silhouette photos.

World's Favorite Sport
Photo by VRamak

Alta Marea
Photo by Jody Art


Photo by ToniVC
IMG_9861 original
Photo by Garry
glowing darkness
Photo by Sahrizvi
Photo by Flowery Luza
Elements of the Soul
Photo by Pensiero
kid with a balloon
Photo by Phil H
Quiet Sunset (Altered)
Photo by Infinity rain
I love the Light & I dig the Sun
Photo by Untitled Blue
Balancing on the Invisible
Photo by Dru
Photo by Zenera

Photo by Simpologist


Photo by Siamesina
Our Magic Place

Photo by Thomas Hawk
Photo by Marcel Germain
One cow, one ferris wheel
Photo by Kevin Dooley
20050314 Okinawa-Churaumi Aquarium 037
Photo by Carol
Cochrane Hill Sunset - 1
Photo by D'Arcy Norman
walking with the saints
Photo by Mugley
Girl Playing In a Fountain
Photo by EJP Photo
593 Tree - Silhouette
Photo by Voyageur Solitaire-mladjenovic_n

Photo by TozoPhoto

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