Snapchat Wants to Highlight Creativity with AR Lens Creator Rewards


One of the major driving forces behind Snapchat’s rise is its augmented reality lenses that users can wear.

Snapchat icon
Snapchat icon. Photo by Alexander Shatov

Indeed, it is probably the single major differentiating factor between it and its competitors, Instagram and TikTok.

And like most things these days, it relies upon independent creators to come up with the latest thing in AR lenses.

The best thing about this program is that, if you’re really good at making lenses and the Snap community finds them compelling enough, you could earn $USD 7200, according to the company’s press release.

Director of AR Platform Partnerships and Ecosystem Sophia Dominguez told TechCrunch, “We wanted to start with these three markets, but then also make sure that it was global by default, because our Snapchatter and lens creator ecosystem is pretty global. So we wanted to start small and measure the feedback we get from our community on both sides, like what do Snapchatters think, are they seeing more interesting types of Lenses? Is this encouraging for Lens creators to create new sorts of Lenses? Is this inspiring? And, if it’s successful, then we’ll definitely roll it out further.”

Allowing creators to monetize their work will hopefully lead to improved future iterations and even more dynamic creativity, it is hoped. Given how competitive this space is in particular, and how hard it can be to monetize social media, the AR Lens Creator Rewards is a unique program among those typically dominated by influencers and media mavens.

It also might be something hard to pawn off onto AI which is something to consider given the number of programs that can generate content, video, and more based upon a simple description.

Any thoughts you might have on augmented reality are welcome in the comments.

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