This Photographer Got the Sony A9 to Overheat in 20 Minutes in Real World Conditions

By Rob Wood (Admin) / May 28, 2017

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Sony, we have a problem! This video from Youtuber, that1cameraguy is getting a lot of attention today with the revelation that he managed to get the vaunted Sony A9 to overheat in outdoor sports conditions in a mere 20 minutes. Considering this camera was marketed as a sports camera, this could pose quite a problem.

Watch the video for yourself.

Some highlights from the video:

  • Under the same conditions and immediately prior to shooting with the A9, that1cameraguy was shooting with the Nikon D500 which worked find for 3.5 hours at 85 degrees (Fahrenheit).
  • After swicthing to the A9, he was quite happy with the autofocus, performance and bright viewfinder and grip and was even happy with the medium setting for the burst rate.
  • But then, 20 minutes in, at 81 Fahrenheit, with sun above head the dreaded overheating notification came up on the camera.
  • It is worth noting that this photographer also had the Sony A7RII also overheat in similar conditions some time back.

He has 2 updates to the video in his first comment on the video regarding further testing of the A9 which are worth looking at so go and check out the video and his channel.


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