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Colourful Spices That Make Great Photos

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An explosion of colour can make a great opportunity for a photograph and, as any traveler will probably know, a table full of spices in a shop or souk can provide that opportunity. Here are a few photographs that demonstrate the fun of finding a table full of photographic opportunities.

Especias by guillenperez, on Flickr
Spices from Gujarat by Sudhamshu, on Flickr
Digital Images From Spice by JD Hancock, on Flickr
Spices by Carol Mitchell, on Flickr
Saffron by .Bala, on Flickr
Ground mace by kevin dooley, on Flickr
Spices by Michael Cavén, on Flickr
Pestle & Mortar by .Bala, on Flickr
Pyramids of colors by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr
dressing room by purplbutrfly, on Flickr
Day 25: Smile! by quinn.anya, on Flickr
Gewürze Ägyptischer Bazar by marfis75, on Flickr
spices by heydrienne, on Flickr
Fragrant and colorful spices at the Spice Market, Istanbul, Turkey by Alaskan Dude, on Flickr
Bazaar Devotion by Meanest Indian, on Flickr
Variety ~ by laszlo-photo, on Flickr
Exotic color and fragrance by Maria Rosaria Sannino/images and words, on Flickr
Spice flower by dynamosquito, on Flickr
tea by Maks Karochkin, on Flickr
spice_1 by srqpix, on Flickr
Bazar delle Spezie by Marcos.Zion, on Flickr
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