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Fun With Still Life Vegetables

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When you're sitting around at home and can't think of something to shoot, why not raid the kitchen? These still life photographs of vegetables show what you can do with a little imagination and skill. And all of them are quite achievable with minimum setup. Side lighting from an open window, an open aperture and a little good composition will get you a long way!

Photo by Mr.TinDC
Photo by ConstructionDealMkting
Photo by Skånska Matupplevelser
Photo by Alex Lomas
Photo by juicyverve
Photo by Nishanth Jois
Photo by
Photo by
Photo by Faith Goble
Photo by Chris Ruggles
Photo by craig Cloutier
Photo by craig Cloutier
Photo by Emily Carlin
Photo by Carolyn Williams
Photo by Alex Brown
Photo by servus
Photo by psyberartist
Photo by Heather Katsoulis


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