15 Unique Photos of the Sydney Opera House

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The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic and photographed buildings in the world. Yet, despite its massive popularity as a destination for tourists and snappers, it is amazing that people still manage to grab original images of it. As these photos of the Opera House show, it is still very much possible to take a unique photo of an iconic and massively photographed subject.

Photo by Vermin Inc

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Ship of the night
Photo by Aaardvark

Circular quay panorama (III)
Photo by Carlos Lopez Molina

Sydney Opera House (#44)
Photo by Christopher Chan

sydney opera house at night
Photo by Mackenzi and John

Vivid Sydney
Photo by Tony888vo

sydney opera house - surreal steps
Photo by Chewy Chua

Opera House Sunrise
Photo by Jong Soo Lee

Selective Opera
Photo by Vermin Inc

Opera Sky
Photo by Steve Kay

Night at the Opera
Photo by El Fotopakismo

Lightning Opera House
Photo by Mondayne

Photo by Kcnikcerson

Photo by Montxo Donstia

Photo by Triplefivedrrew

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