15 Striking Samples of Telephoto Photography


Getting telephoto photography right is not an easy thing. For starters you need the gear which is pretty expensive, even by photography standards. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, you need the patience of a saint – especially if, as in the examples below, you are trying to capture a moving object such as an animal. It’s perhaps for this second reason that we find this examples of telephoto photography to be so impressive. Don’t forget to check out the tutorials at the end of this collection or to let us know of other great telephoto shots in the comments!

Cape Weaver bird on Aloe ferox flowers

Cape Weaver bird on Aloe Ferox flowers by Martin_Heigan.

Double-collared Sunbird male on Kalanchoe luciae flowers

Double-collared Sunbird male on Kalanchoe Luciae flowers by Martin_Heigan.


Parrot by etrusia_uk.

Cant talk, eating

Cant talk, eating by etrusia_uk.

Mousebirds on Aloe ferox flowers

Mousebirds on Aloe ferox flowers by Martin_Heigan.

Adult Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris)  in Morro Bay, CA

Adult Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris)  in Morro Bay, CA by Mike Baird.

~ Tricks For Treats ~

Tricks For Treats by ViaMoi.

Cardinal having a snack

Cardinal having a snack by ToddBlm.


Chèvres by sharkbait.


puffins by Wen Z.

Busch Gardens Weird Bird

Busch Gardens Weird Bird by etrusia_uk.

Double-collared Sunbird male in the shade

Double-collared Sunbird male in the shade by Martin_Heigan.


Meerkat by etrusia_uk.


Tui by Light Knight.

Black crowned crane by Ludwig Kwan

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