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Another terrific week in the world of photography has passed by once again, and we find Toad Hollow Photography searching all corners of the internet seeking links to tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs.  This week's list features a hand-picked selection of pieces posted by truly gifted writers and artists from all over.  We hope you enjoy checking out these photography links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing them to you.
Trees in the mountain mist 2 by winniepix, on Flickr


The Ultimate Screen Calibration Guide – this article discusses the importance of screen calibration and two options available today to perform this task.  This is an area of post-production that is widely overlooked in our practice, and at the very least having an awareness of the issue and available ways of dealing with it is incredibly valuable.

Secrets for Unique Product Photography From 4 Professionals – this interesting post showcases the work of several industry leading product photographers, and shares interviews with them that discusses how they got started and how they work in the field.  While lighting and composition are key, as always, to creating great shots, there is much more to it than that, and this piece gives us some insight into how some of the greats go about their craft.

Restoring Old Photos Using Channels in Photoshop – this video tutorial guides you through the process of retouching and repairing old photographs using channels.  This advanced technique is quickly covered, but done well, to give you some new ideas and tricks to use to help fix problematic areas and artifacts in production.

How To Invoice Photography Clients For Your Time – this is a fantastic article that describes in great detail various billing techniques and how to apply them effectively.  If you’re getting setup to perform commercial work in the field, this will be an invaluable article to read to give you some ideas on how best to charge for your work, and thusly how to turn this practice into a profitable venture.

How To Take Magical Family Candids – a very detailed look into how to create family pictures that are well beyond the grade of typical snapshots.  The intricate steps used to create the sample image are shared here, going all the way from composition, to shooting, to post-production.  The results are rather astounding as is evidenced in the sample image used to illustrate the points in the article.


Behind the Scenes: Shooting a Panorama from the Top of the Freedom Tower – even though there is likely no way you’d find me up in the air dangling off the side of the tallest buildings in the world, I never tire of seeing the work of those who do.  This behind-the-scenes video takes you through the engineering involved and processes designed to capture a truly amazing image.  Prepare to be blown away!
Mont Saint-Michel Castle – HDR by Free HDR & Photomanipulations –, on Flickr


Snowy Owl Stare in Flight, Minnesota – Mark Paulson captures and shares a fabulous nature shot, featuring a beautiful Snowy Owl in flight.  Mark’s timing and composition come together perfectly for this shot, capturing a glimpse into the wonderful personality and epic beauty of nature, expressed in wildlife interacting with it’s natural environment.

Light – this is a fabulous post from Joseph de Lange that features a snow covered Cowichan Bay at the tail end of winter.  This wonderful little community sits on the shores of the bay and has so much wonderful character, and the snow adds a fabulous element to these key features.

Reflections of a Blue Heron – Scott Wood captures incredible natural details in this photograph of the famous Blue Heron.  Stunning crisp details in the bird and it’s feathers all come to life in this shot that also features a truly captivating reflection.
Florida: Wading Heron by Mrs. Gemstone, on Flickr

Race to the Superstition Mountains – for the fan of strong and natural leading lines, this is a shot you will not want to miss.  Chris Frailey composes and captures a strong image in this shot that finds us looking out through a very low perspective, following the dual yellow lines of the highway into the distance where dramatic mountains stand sentry.

Hey…Looking At Me? – cute doesn’t even begin to describe what greets you when visiting this wonderful post from the studio of Edith Levy.  Edith has recently attended a workshop working on photographing dogs, and this wonderful picture of Jiff the puppy is the result of her work.  This post will leave you wanting more and looking forward to future images shared by Edith.

Fishing Village – Averil McPhedran Hall shares a wonderful shot of a line of weathered buildings in a fishing village.  Fabulous tones, details and textures are all explored in this terrific shot that captures the pure essence and character of this tiny little village.
Sun bath by Infomastern, on Flickr

152 Seconds of Colorado National Monument – Mike Criswell creates a stunning piece in this shot captured at the Colorado National Monument.  Wonderful details are explored in this black-and-white piece, showcasing all the details of the epic landscape that makes this such an important and wonderful place to visit.

Snowy Owl – this amazing shot by Chad Griggs finds us taking in a very serious looking Snowy Owl as it flies dead-straight towards the camera.  The grace of this elegant bird is perfectly captured in this predominantly white shot that captures it in it’s natural habitat.

Electricity over Sierra Vista – there is no drama like the drama found in nature.  Mike Olbinski captures this terrific monochrome piece at just the right moment as the powerful tendrils of lightning pass through the clouds and strike the earth.

King elderly… IR.. – this is an amazing landscape infrared shot that features the natural beauty of the setting in Turkey with an amazing castle peering through in the distance.  Samet Güler captures and creates a very special piece with this image that leverages the amazing colors and light that emerges when photographing in the IR spectrum.

Dock by -KOOPS-, on Flickr

2015 Corvette Stingray Z06 – if you love fast supercars this is a post you won’t want to miss.  Rachel Cohen visit the car show and captures a fabulous shot of the latest rendition Stingray, showcasing the dramatic and wide lines that make this cars stance unique and unmistakable.

The 12 Project-March – Heather Bauer shares a profound image in this post, captured at a snow covered cemetery.  The dramatic application of black-and-white in post-production for this shot accents the inherent drama and artistic tension in the scene, and this is anchored with an incredible tree standing in the foreground casting shade and adding to the overall strength of the image.

Sunrise @ Noordermolen – a misty Dutch morning casts amazing colors and light upon a scene that was just made for Martijn Barendregt.  In the distance we see a windmill that the country is so famous for, adding a dash of artistic tension to a shot that is as compelling as it is beautiful.

Old Orchard Beach Sunrise – beautiful blue tones work in wonderful harmony with the bright colors of a gorgeous sunrise in this shot by Steven Perlmutter.  Steven’s shot features a wooden pier that serves as a perfect natural leading line, guiding the viewer out towards the sea where wonderful artistic tension awaits to add a great element.
Alternative Brighton by Souwoon Cho, on Flickr

Church of the good Shepherd – an old stone church in New Zealand comes to life under the watchful eyes of the stars far above in this awesome image by Ingrid Kjelling.  This highly dramatic scene is captured by a self-purported newcomer to this genre, and quite honestly this shot is so amazing you’d never know this.  A stunning first attempt!

A gate in Santa Fe – I just love this shot from Jim Nix.  So much character is captured and expressed in this shot that features a weathered gate and a pair of wonderful lanterns.  The authentic south western architectural details are full of rich character, making for a shot that immediately draws you in to explore the textures and details.

Loch Ard Mist – a misty morning on the Loch’s of Scotland reveals a moody scene that Shahbaz Majeed takes advantage of to photograph and share.  A gentle vignette leads the viewer straight into the heart of the frame where the breathtaking scene comes to life and tells it’s very own story.

Sneffels Range – a breathtaking and commanding landscape presents itself to the viewer when you visit this terrific post by Rick Louie.  The rustic fields in the foreground work as a great anchor to gently guide you into the frame where we find the raw and impressive beauty of snow covered mountains in the distance.
European Goldfinch | Jispa, HP by soumyajit nandy, on Flickr

Turbulences – moving cloud formations form silky pillows for the powerful and dramatic architecture of Dubai to work against in this incredible photograph by Daniel Cheong.  Daniel’s application of monochrome to the processing of the shot creates rich drama and casts a scene the seems rather surreal in nature.

Sunrise on the Open Range – Rick Louie shares an incredible shot taken in the early morning light.  As the sun kisses the mountain peaks in the distance, we find a herd of buffalo grazing in the fields below, adding a perfect touch of intrigue and an element of interest to a breathtaking landscape.

Seeing Shadows – my friend Andy Hooker (LensScaper) shares set of shots that predominantly feature the inherent drama found in shadows.  As the winter months melt away making way for spring, Andy finds himself in a park working on a composition that showcases the intrigue found in a piece that highlights natural artistic tension.

Week 10/52 – Automobile – Eje Gustafsson shares a pair of fabulous car photographs, featuring vignettes of two elements found on a modern generation Cadillac.  These great shots are dramatically lit, producing striking images that could easily be found on the pages of car magazines everywhere.
les 14 arbres … by kate053, on Flickr

Rusted /// – the rusty remains of a ship that no longer is suitable for use on the open seas sits on a deserted beach.  A dramatic skies hangs high overhead, adding a terrific element to the textured and detailed hull of a boat now long forgotten.

A Fin-tastic Year ’57 – Mark Neal posts several renditions of a shot featuring the back details and lights on a classic 1957 Chrysler 300.  Dramatic styling cues that are ever-prevalent in cars of this genre are the main focus for these pieces, and Mark’s images do a great job of showcasing this through several different processing techniques.


Forget Getting Famous – this is a great and inspiring post by Jason Anderson.  Jason talks about how the fame aspect of photography is a fleeting thing to chase and what really matters is practicing the craft…  that is, getting out there and taking pictures, telling stories and sharing your perspective of the world we live in.

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