Threads Allegedly Slowing Down After Massive Debut


According to multiple reports, the latest social media effort from Meta looks to be slowing down after an explosive start.

a black square with a blue logo on it
A black square with a blue Meta logo on it. Photo by Dima Solomin

You may have read our story about the debut of Threads or you might have heard about the Twitter competitor through the social media grapevine. Either way, Meta’s Twitter-esque app experienced massive growth in its beginning, now boasting some 100 million users, but things are apparently tapering off although not enough to give competitors a minute of respite.

Of course, from our little corner of the world, the question is whether or not to invest time into yet another social media platform. If it doesn’t go anywhere, then it is time wasted but, if it is the next big thing, you need to start at the genesis of things to get some kind of foothold. It’s all a bit maddening, to be honest.

Citing data from marketing research firm Sensor Tower, CNBC describes how the debut was historic but the time spent on the app and the daily active users is about half of what it was a week ago. CNBC also cites data from Similarweb which specializes in analytics that also supports the Sensor Tower numbers. Meanwhile, Meta touts the launch as a success and even quotes CEO Mark Zuckerberg when it asserted that the majority of the initial signups were due to “organic” growth rather than through marketing. Tellingly, if Threads can capture one in four Instagram users as daily active contributors, it could overtake Twitter according to Insider Intelligence’s Jasmine Enberg.

Are you using Threads or are you going to skip out on this one? Or are you just waiting for it to achieve a bigger audience? Let us know your thoughts on the endless variety of social media platforms below.

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