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Tourists Damage Yellowstone Thermal Springs to Get Some Selfies

Another day, another group of tourists potentially causing irreparable harm to a priceless natural and cultural icon so they can get a selfie or two. This time it's a tourist group in the famous thermal springs of Yellowstone national park in the US.
Despite the presence of multiple signs (both in English and a pretty obvious graphical form), the group crosses over to frolic next to the thermal springs as well as putting their hands in the hot water of the springs.
Given the delicate nature of the springs, there is a real risk of footing breaking through the thin crust of a surface to potentially very hot mud and water underneath – quite risky for burns and what not.
And that's before we get to the permanent damage that such an act has for the springs themselves!
As you can see from the video, another visitor to the springs reminded them that this behaviour was illegal, at which point several moved away, but several also stayed to continue taking photographs. One or two also challenged him on filming them and there is a minor confrontation.
The whole scenario is below.

We found this one over on DIY Photography.

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