The Truth About Those “Shot on iPhone” Claims

There's a new video on Youtube that is getting a lot of attention by honing in on those claims by Apple and other smartphone manufacturers about the glorious marketing images they show being “shot on iPhone” (or their competitors).

Here's a reminder:

The short of it is that well, technically the claims are correct.

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The problem of course is that a lot of other gear is also used when such glorious marketing images are used.

Of course, if you keep up with iPhone photography news, you probably know what the iPhone or other smartphones are capable of. The FStoppers iPhone fashion photography shoot proved that an iPhone in the right hands and with great lighting equipment can take very good images (and that was years ago in 2010), but the point being that the use of such images in the marketing of the phones is slightly misleading (arguably intentionally).

Of course you can improve your images with better lighting and the gear used to get it. Expensive gear is most often not available to the casual phone user who buys a phone with the intention of taking images thinking they will turn out similar to the images in the marketing material.

Sure, it's possible, and maybe it's possible under certain natural lighting conditions that an average phone user will stumble across, but it's certainly not the norm.

Anyway, the video is worth a watch. Check it out.

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