Turn Your Selfie Self Into an Action Figure


The sky is the limit as far as what you can do with a smartphone and a selfie.

woman showing black Samsung smartphone
A woman showing black Samsung smartphone while taking a selfie. Photo by Cristina Zaragoza

We’ve covered more than a few of these innovations, but this latest one is almost as neat as Canon’s proposed automatic selfie stick and that is action figure company Hasbro’s campaign to transform the much-maligned sign of the times into something more heroic.

Namely, an action figure, featuring your face a la your uploaded selfie, and bedecked in garb from either the Power Rangers or Ghostbusters, among others.

Called the Selfie Series, Hasbro is aiming this project largely at collectors of action figures and those who happen to be fans of the series featured. In addition to being somewhat limited in terms of consumer access, it is also going to require the use of the Hasbro app to, you know, upload the selfie necessary to make an action figure. All in all, it will set you back some $USD 80 and will require quite a bit of work on the user’s part to get just right, Gizmodo reports. Users will select hair colors and styles. And, for $USD 80, that probably should be the case. Once everything is done, it could take anywhere from 45 to 80 days to get your 3D printed selfie figure.

While this is limited, it isn’t hard to see a potential future for this kind of product in a more widespread sense. After all, who doesn’t own a smartphone these days and it doesn’t look like the selfie as a concept is going anywhere, anytime soon.

More than that, it’s just another reminder of how ubiquitous cameras are becoming and how many different industries this process is enabling at the same time. The idea of a selfie action figure via app might make sense today, but ten years ago it was almost unthinkable beyond very expensive, bespoke work.

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