Twitter Photography Book Competition. Check It Out!


Update: Twitter user @radityopradipto has won this competition!

We’re giving away a copy of Digital Photography School’s forthcoming book!

If you haven’t seen Digital Photography School’s last book – ‘Essential Guide to Portrait Photography’ then you should certainly consider checking it out. It’s a full 78 pages long and packed with some awesome information such as ‘20  Ways to Take Stunning Portraits’ as well as interviews with a bunch of pro-photographers. Well, DPS doesn’t disappoint when they release these books, so I for one am hankering for the next offering which they say is coming out later this month!! It’s called:

‘Photo Nuts and Bolts: Know Your Camera to Take Better Photos’

anatoly s q vnxkasahg unsplash
Image by Anatoly

Now, we don’t know exactly which date that will be, but you can rest assured, we’ll be watching out for it! Neil Creek (the author) doesn’t often disappoint and he’s a great photographer in his own right.

Want a Free Copy?

Well, if you’d like a free copy of “Photo Nuts” then we’ll be buying one lucky person a copy on the day it is released. Here’s what you have to do.

  1. Join Twitter or log in if you’re already a member.
  2. Follow @LightStalking (Just go to and click ‘follow’) if you aren’t already!
  3. Write out the following tweet (or copy and paste it):

Win a Copy of Digital Photography School’s ‘Photo Nuts & Bolts’ Book from @LightStalking – Please RT. Details:

And that’s it!

Just a few guidelines:

You need to BOTH follow @LightStalking AND send the above tweet.

The Tweet needs to be EXACT.

Only send the Tweet once! Sending it more than once won’t give you any more chances.

If you are already following us on Twitter, there is no need to un-follow and re-follow us.

Good Luck!

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