21 Stunning Shots of Urban Decay


Urban decay is one of our favourite subjects here at Light Stalking, as it shows us that no matter where you live, there is always something worth shooting. While urban decay has become fashionable over the last few years, the pioneers of urban decay photography really showed us that the real skill in photography lay with the photographer rather than the equipment or the subject.

These are a few of our favourite shots that have been released under a creative commons licence. Check out the links at the end of the collection for more great resources on urban decay photography.


Photo by Blue Cinderella

House of Horror

Photo by Darth Holden

Photo by Darth Holden

Pile O' Garbage

Photo by Darth Holden

Photo by Elephi Pelephi

Inside the North Office

Photo by Darth Holden

Photo by Patrick Tomasso


Photo by Pro-Zak

banksy old street

Photo by Stew Dean

Reclaimed by nature

Photo by Tanaka Who

Corner mood

Photo by Jano De Cesare


Photo by SY Parrish

The lock

Photo by MSH

The final resting place!

Photo by Pascal P


Photo by Dali Borlev

Image by Danir Yangirov 

one man's trash...

Photo by Iboy Daniel

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