The Stunning Natural Beauty of Vietnam


Once a place most westerns held with much hate in their hearts, Vietnam has over the last few decades turned into a top destination spot in south east Asia.  There is so much to love about Vietnam, including the food and people, but the stunning natural beauty of the country is one that must be experienced in person.  Probably most well known for rice patties, Vietnam also has some of the most stunning beaches in the world.  The waterways are a main form of transportation from village to village once you get out of the larger cities are serene, peaceful and something that must be experienced first hand.

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,,Once a place most westerns held with much hate in their hearts…” the Germans (as westerners) for example don’t hate the Vietnamese people. I think even the US inhabitants in all hate them. Think of Hippi-movment.

My favourite destination is the road to Dalat (South-East) and the Ho-Chi-Minh Trail through the rainforest. And the karst mountain range in the middle. Just from it’s topography it’s so beautiful.

Nice day and great fun with the word championship

hi, i m proud òf what has been writting here. im vietnmaess and love travelling in nices places
i do my travel agency and we have also photography tour iun vietnam
some places are more delicious than that..

Don’t know when you last visited VN but I was there again in Jan 2011 after 5 years and feel I have missed the boat!

So much Chinese development both in the cities and down the coast in my opinion it has ruining the country.

The coast is becoming one big hotel and casino development and although there are still parts like Ha Long Bay which are truly stunning I don’t think I will be going back any time soon.

WOW! What breathtakingly beautiful photographs of what is obviously a breathtakingly beautiful part of the planet. Good soul food. It is inspirational for one to discover and explore all that Vietnam is. As for the people _ well as they say, “A stranger is a friend you have yet to meet.” I’ve put this on my “Wish List”……

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