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Remarkable Water Droplet Photographs by Steve Wall

Wandering around Flickr can really waste a lot of hours, but when we recently stumbled accross Steve Wall‘s photostreams and specifically, his photos of water droplets, well we were impressed.
Steve is an amateur photographer who shoots on a Nikon D200, in this case with a Nikkor 60mm Macro (and like many of us, started with an old AE-1) and we're sure you will agree that he does it damn well too! We think he combines the best of macro photography with a fantastic imagination and comes up with some spectacular images. In fact we spent quite a lot of time going through his photos!
Now, macro photos of water droplets isn't exactly something that might have your brimming with excitement, but we thing that after you have a look at these, you might be firing up your macro lens and heading into the garden on the next dewy morning.

a splash of garden

crop of drops

crop of drops II

seeds of my neighbor's discontent

Three of 3 million


yellow-eyed water creatures

little fields of dreams

stars and stripes and drops


itty-bitty iris drops

Weed Ornaments


petal puddle

flower power shower

water jewell

same drop, different angle

through the looking glass

double bubble

water boquets

spring water drops

poppy and lilly drop redux

smiley face

drops of Hanna's favorite flower

drops of pin cushion

Purple Rain...   (I know, but what else could I call it?)

friendly little water drops

orange drops

drops of old glory

just pretty

paper crane drops

drops of peony

colorful drink

Don't forget to check out Steve's Waterdrop Photography Tutorial over at Flickr.
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