Reader Poll: What Make of Camera Do You Shoot On?


A lot of fuss is always made about what type of camera photographers prefer shooting on. While some regard the question as an affront (you wouldn't ask a painter what brushes they use!) , others like to be at the forefront of camera technology for whatever reason.

While Nikon and Canon are indisputable leaders in the sheer number of DSLRs sold, many photographer prefer other makers. Of course the skill of the photographer is far more important than the make of the camera, but it's still hard not to get excited when your preferred camera company comes out with a new piece of kit that you want.

We thought it might be an interesting question for our first weekly poll here at Light Stalking as to what makes of camera our readers prefer. Also, do you regard it as important? Why or why not?

Let us know in the comments!

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Why is Pentax not in the list or should I say in the “others” list? I’ve been using Pentax K20D for more than a year and a half now. I also bought a Pentax Kx for my wife.

I have been a Canon DSLR shooter for 7+ years but I just bought an Olympus E-PL1 and I can’t put the thing down — it’s that good. My 40D is getting lonely on the shelf. I truly think that mirrorless interchangeable lens compacts are the future for everyone but the pros who require full frame 20+ megapixel cams.

I use an Olympus E500,

Whenever people ask me what sort of camera to buy though I always tell them that there is no difference of quality between cameras at the same level of technology but difference make. The only important things to consider are ‘does the camera feel good in your hands?’; ‘do you like the controls and menu system?’; ‘Is there a good range of lenses and other accessories? (the main reason to choose Canon or Nikon); and ‘can you be reassured the manufacturer isn’t likely to go bust or withdraw from the camera market any time soon (so go for the big names).

I have no idea about makes and models though, whenever people ask me what I think about the new Nikon XX999X or whatever I have no answer, I know what make and model my camera is, I’ve never used another make and I don’t have any idea what’s on the market right now.

I’ve owned Canon cameras since 1975………just easier because of all the glass I own. The Canon felt good in my hands and I stayed with them from then on! I do like Nikon though!!! πŸ˜‰

I use mainly a Nikon D300 also a D60. I like Nikon because of the smaller sensor size available which benefits my wildlife photography.

I had always used Minolta with film. When finally made the change to DSLR I found that all my Minolta lenses would now fit with Sony. Was not my first choice originally, but now would buy another.

Shocked that Pentax wasn’t among the choices. They were a BIG name in photography and still make fantastic cameras. No other maker offers weather-sealed cameras at such a low price point. The Pentax K-x is currently considered to be the best entry-level camera from any maker.

BTW, I think a body can matter. Pentax cameras are designed so that they can be operated without taking the eye off the viewfinder. I prefer that to interrupting the composition while one operates some control on the back of the camera.

Also, Pentax/Sony/Olympus in-body image stabilisation helps to keep lens prices lower so one can buy more glass for the same money, which has to be a good thing. πŸ™‚

I alternate between a Canon, a Nikon, and a Fujica. The Canon and Fujica are SLRs, the Canon is 10 yrs old, the Fujica is nearly 40. The Nikon is a cheap digital point and shoot that I’ll be replacing with a DSLR eventually. I shoot with film 90% of the time so I’m not in a big rush.

I have a preference and it’s Nikon, although I use Hasselblad, Sinar and the like. Nikon from a perceptions point of view, with just a hint of marketing, in the eyes of a non-photographer, suggests the best and that can’t be a bad thing.

Olympus E510 with in-body stabilisation ( I have hand held at 1 second occasionally πŸ™‚ ) , smaller lighter lenses so it travels with me on walks and up hills ( the 70-300 zoom which is effectively 600mm doesn’t kill my arm ). 4/3 sensor a bit noisier etc but overall a great compromise.

I use a Sony a200. Nice camera to start learning photography, plus has the options of mounting awesome glass like Minolta and Zeiss.

Strictly Nikon starting in 1966. Slight detour to Kodak for my first digital camera. Back to Nikon, then a 4 year love affair with a Panasonic FZ50 until a month ago when I switched to a Sony a33 which I love even more. The Sony is my first interchangeable lens camera since I abandoned film.

Nikon D7100 and yes brand is important I like the color reproduction on Nikon Better although I started my film years with a Canon AE-1(but I then Graduated to a Nikon F-5

For film I use Pentax, Olympus and Nikon. Pentax was my first SLR back in the early sixties and I still have a soft spot for the brand. Olympus are handy, light and have excellent optics. Nikon was my first autofocus.
For digital I use a Nikon, which I like very much.
Thanks to eBay “for spares or repair” I now have over forty SLRs and I use most of them because I still love the smell of chemicals in my darkroom and I enjoy seeing the pictures materialising in the developing tray, πŸ™‚
Having said that, one should bear in mind that the first and most important thing to remember in any art form is “The image is created by your brain, not by your tools”.

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