What is Kirlian Photography? The Science and the Myth Revealed

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Kirlian photography, although the study of which can be traced back to the late 1700s, was officially invented in 1939 by Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian.  The Kirlian photographic process reveals visible “auras” around the objects photographed.  These photographs have been the subject of much myth and controversy over the years.  Interestingly, much of which was initially put forth to explain the Kirlian photography phenomena was put forth by the inventor himself, along with his wife.

The process of taking a Kirlian photo is a fairly simple one and does not even require the use of a camera.  First, a sheet of photographic film is placed on top of a metal plate.  Then, the object that is to be photographed is placed on top of the film.  To create the initial exposure, high voltage current is applied to the metal plate.  The electrical coronal discharge between the object and the metal plate is captured on the film.  The Kirlian photograph, which shows a light, glowing silhouette around the photographed object, becomes visible as a result of developing the film.

Although the Kirlians invented this photographic process in 1939, they didn’t publicly release information about their experiments until 1958, and Kirlian photography wasn’t a well-known phenomenon to the general public until 1970.

quarter3 by nebarnix, on Flickr

The Myth of Kirlian Photography

The first mythical explanations put forth about Kirlian photography were suggested by the Kirlians themselves.  They believed that these photographs were depicting the actual life-force or “aura” that many people believe surrounds all living things.  New Age spiritualists attribute huge importance to the aura and believe that specially trained aura-readers can provide important insights into a person’s spiritual, emotional and physical state.  The Kirlians were convinced that these photos could accurately predict emotional and physical states and could be used to diagnose illnesses.

The assertion that Kirlian photographs could depict emotional and physical states was quickly adopted by energy practitioners.  While the use of Kirlian photography has largely fallen by the wayside as a diagnostic tool these days, there are still alternative practitioners who believe in it as an accurate way to help those who seek their services for healing all kinds of conditions both emotional and physical.

Kirlian photography has been a staple of paranormal research for some time as well.  In the 1960s and 1970s paranormal researchers connected it to many types of unexplained phenomena, one of which was telepathy.  Researchers proposed that telepathy was the result of people's auras communicating together.

The Science of Kirlian Photography

It can be hard to separate the fact versus the fiction when it comes to Kirlian photography, since these photos are very real and do clearly show some phenomenon at work.  However, the fact that these glowing auras are seen around non-living objects as well as living objects in Kirlian photos is often simply ignored by those who want to believe in the supernatural explanation.

fingerprints by nebarnix, on Flickr

So if the glowing auras seen in Kirlian photography aren’t really caused by something spiritual, paranormal or our “life-energy” then what are they caused by? 

The answer is water. 

The high-voltage frequency applied to the metal plate rips the electrons off of atoms.  The air around the photographed object becomes ionized.  If that air contains any water, the resulting image will show the glowing silhouette around the object, which scientists actually call a “corona plasma discharge”.

When a person is sweating more due to being overheated, or excited in some way, Kirlian photographs taken of their hands at that time will show a larger more intense glow due to the increased moisture.  Conversely, cold dry hands will produce an image which shows a weaker glow.  Despite the ready availability of this accurate scientific explanation, New Age proponents of Kirlian photography will still argue that the person whose hands showed a larger, brighter glow is a natural healer when they are really just sweaty.

fingertip by nebarnix, on Flickr

Factors other than humidity which can influence the final image include the pressure and angle of your hand touching the metal plate as well as the amount of voltage.  Kirlian photographs taken of the exact same person can be very different taken only minutes apart due to these variables.

A very well-known Kirlian photography experiment documents a leaf as it slowly dies.  The initial photograph was taken when the leaf was freshly cut and shows a prominent glow.  As the leaf gets older more photos are taken, which show that the glow is starting to weaken.  This was once explained away with the life-force theory.  However, we now know that the weakening of the glow is simply a result of the leaf losing water and drying up over time.

Ivy Leaf by nebarnix, on Flickr

In another experiment involving a leaf, an initial photo is taken which shows the usual strong glow or aura.  Then, part of the leaf is torn away.  Surprisingly, a ghostly glowing trace of the missing part of the leaf showed up on the film.  For years this result was considered more proof of some sort of “life-force”.  In reality though, it was simply a result of some moisture residue left on the glass.  If the residue is completely removed prior to photographing the leaf again, the phantom glow does not appear.

One final scientific observation to point out is that the Kirlian effect simply doesn’t happen in a vacuum since there is no water vapor, which prevents ionization.

In Conclusion

While the mystical and paranormal explanations for the glow in Kirlian photographs have been debunked, the truth may be just as interesting as fiction to the more scientifically minded.  Its potential for studying certain aspects of life are being explored scientifically.

Also, there are a few artists using Kirlian photography to create beautiful images of what has been called “living art”.  Like other forms of artistic expression such as traditional photography, this should and will be explored to its fullest.

life force in a quarter by nebarnix, on Flickr

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75 thoughts on “What is Kirlian Photography? The Science and the Myth Revealed

  1. Jim Newberry

    “It can be hard to separate the fact versus the fiction when it comes to Kirlian photography, since these photos are very real and do clearly show some phenomenon at work.”

    Is it really difficult to separate fact from fiction regarding Kirlian photography? I think you’ve done it well in this post.

    1. Fahrertuer

      It’s quiet easy to seperate fact from fiction in this case, as the author proved.
      You just have to be willing to accept the truth, do some research and have a basic grasp of physics.

      1. Profile photo of Kathleen RyanKathleen Ryan

        I was a Registered Nurse for 45 years. I am also a Healer and I has Kerlian photos taken of my hands. We did 3 photos, before, during, and after Therapeutic Touch treatment. In TT touch I pull energy into my hands and transfer it to a patient working in the Aura. I can also scan the Aura with my hands and find areas of pain, internal bleeding, and many other areas of dis-ease. Anyway the first photo showed a nice aura around my fingers and the palm of my hand. The 2nd one was done during the treatment, the Aura on this was about 2to3 times the size of the first. I did not have sweat or any water on my hands. The 3rd one was after the treatment and I had shut down the energy flow by having cold water wash over my hands. The Aura on this one was almost the same as the 1st. What I do by working in someone’s Aura has nothing to do with whether my hands might have water on them or not.

        1. serge

          I am puzzled how as a RN you can ignore the fact that you cannot (while still living) rid the moisture totally from your hands or any other body part. As a RN you must also be aware of powerful the placebo effect is. The most comprehensive studies I’ve seen, in this case of Acupuncture, showed that treatment of Rhinitus and Arthritis by Acu achieved only a 5% better result than the Placebo. The slightly superior result being due most likely to the administrtors of the ‘fake’ Acu treatment not displaying the confidence and professionalism of the ‘real Acu practitioners. I would put it you that if u achieve any success in yr healing work, then you using a powerful placebo. (Depending on the application, Placebos can produce good effects of some degree to anywhere between 40% and close to 100%.) So good luck to you ‘mam, you are doing good, but I suspect not for the reasons you may think.

        2. jebus

          This is why the internet is great, people love to lie through their teeth about having magical powers, sorry but if you did you wouldn’t be an RN but some healer in a palace in India or something. To be frank how about instead of “telling us stories” about your super powers, you end the debate and take on James Randis 1million dollar challange to anyone that can prove anything metaphysical and or supernatural… this challenge exists because of ppl like this RN who seem to have no scruples claiming things science has yet to detect or prove totally exit and they can do it… Because since its inception 30 years ago despite many attempts not one person got the prize, in fact usually by very emberassingly realizing that they are delusional when the experiment would be set up in such a way that there was actual measurements instead of speculative analysis of things getting better or worse based on opinions instead of facts.

          1. Anonymous

            James randi James randi blah blah blah blah. What makes you remotely think that he is actually ready to give that money away for anyone? His entire fame and fortune rests on disproving people. Do you think he’s going to actually take psychics seriously with all of that baggage behind him? Did you know they have basically stopped testing people now? did you know about that? of course not because he is your God right?

            Randi is famous for altering data to fit his own propaganda, there was a research done on the ESP present in dogs when they can sense the arrival of their owners before they open the door. Randi had basically “lost” all the data for this experiment and basically said it doesn’t work.

            there is nothing remotely scientific about James Randi, he is simply a sleight of hand magician making money of the failures of real psychics. It’s a real sad story really.

        3. Anonymous

          great comment….the above article is not scientific enough and I believe that this should be studied much more. we all have a life energy force people that has be proven.

          1. Nat

            yeah, i dont think they cover everything. they never even mentioned the explanation of why different colors are shown. if is just water, then why all the different colors? is it just random? *narrows eyes* they could say its other chemical compunds in the body, but if so wouldnt those differentiation in chemicals /elements have an effect on ones health? therefore..? using your discernment with these things is paramount, I dont doubt the above story with this james randi guy happened. some of the most famous discoveries have been covered up for centuries only to be accepted after several people came to the same conclusion xD just because science doesnt prove it doesn’t mean it isn’t real, we cant be too closed minded about the possibilities, because that in itself won’t make us good scientists 🙂 its a while pefore all this paranormal stuff is accepted by science. we dont have to wait for. once they develop the tools for ‘concrete proof’ to believe it. perhaps, there are the tools, yet lack of comphrehension, such as the case with Mendel’s Work. i dont know about you guys, but im just sticking to my intuition 😉

      2. tonyspiers

        Well, I can’t see she’s provided any proof. Beyond mere assertion, I’d like to see the experimental evidence for her assertion that “In reality though, it was simply a result of some moisture residue left on the glass”.

        Without evidence, this “disproof” should also be treated as conjecture, an alternative theory (albeit very plausible) no more valid than the “aura” hypothesis.

  2. Marian Majik

    Very interesting article. If I understand it well for taking shoot of fingertips with this method there have to flew an electric current from a hand to the metal plate below photographic paper. What did you mean by high voltage current? Maybe more details will be helpful. High voltage for me is over 1kV so there you need really limit the current and the time otherwise it can be too dangerous.
    I’d like to try it so it’s here a good start point? Thans

  3. Curios Mind

    I have seen images of Kirlian photography using fruit and vegetables. two images side by side showing the first as a raw fruit or vegetable and the second image of the same subject but had been cooked for say 3 minutes, resulting in a considerable energy lose. After reading this article, seems to be due to the lose of water, I’m curious to how these vegetables or fruits were cooked, baked yes would back the evidence of losing moisture but if boiled surely they would gain liquid. Just a rant, curious mind would like to see controlled experiments to prove this.

    1. KGlyphics

      I agree. The author just seems to use the water example since it fits the bill. I did this photography for a senior art project for college (I was an art major) and noticed things that had nothing to do with water as well as a fellow art professor who was sensitive to subtle energy see the energy patterns from the photographs.

      1. JackH

        Ah yes, of course that professor was “sensitive to subtle energy.” Only people “sensitive to subtle energy” can see certain things in the photographs.

        I’m so glad art majors are around to debunk science with anecdotes about paranormally observant professors.

          1. jonchang

            There is actually subtle energy known as holographic coherence which is emitted by the pineal gland which transfers energy through the vagus nerve. That’s the supernatural phenomenon of telepathy seen in some animals too but through lightwaves. There are peer-reviewed studies proving “chi” to be a real healing phenomenon even for HIV lol, tell me that is a placebo hahaha.

    2. Chibiabos

      That’s because things tend to dry out when you cook them.

      The science is a hell of a lot weirder than the mysticism. The only problem is that you can’t describe 99% of it in conversational language and a statement about how the world works ends up looking like soap opera written in Martian.

      1. Isy

        Good one! Trying to turn them into everyday conversation makes for highly entertaining after-dinner subjects though and brings out out all the wannabe know-it-all professors. Hilarious!

    3. Ana

      I was wondering exactly the same. If all is made of energy ultimately, inanimate objects will show energy too (like the coin), but if you boil a vegetable, the result seems to me very watery!!

  4. Dorian

    Very good explanation of the ‘kirlian effect’. One problem with the explanation of the ‘phantom leaf’ experiment is that generally the leaf is cut prior to ever making contact with the discharge plate. Consequently, there is no precedent contact to leave behind moisture residue. Something to think about I guess.

    1. Karim

      Actually, it did touch a plate. Kirlian did his leaf experiments with the photographic and metal plates above the leaf so that he can replace the photographic plates over time without disturbing the leaf.

      The surface the leaf was laying on would have residual water from the torn piece. If the plate the leaf was on was thoroughly wiped clean before the photography paper, glass and metal plate were replaced, then no “phantom leaf” image. If the leaf was entirely replaced by a blank piece of tracing paper without cleaning the glass, a weak image would appear.

      Something to think about.

  5. Ted

    Interesting article. I’ve known for a long time that the photographs people can get at the new age fairs with their auras (the Kirlian Effect) require the subject to place their hand on a plate with metal nodes, and it’s that ‘aura’ being ‘photographed’ than the subject him/herself. This article reinforces what I’ve always thought was a trick of one effect being superimposed over another.

    However, I’m more interested in learning how an aura can be photographed (if it can) when the subject/object is not required to touch a surface.

    1. ro

      A kirlian photo does not have nodes on the plate, that is the aura camera which works on galvanic skin resistance, the colours being put in my man according to the gsr. The Kirlian image can be a flat hand/foot, finger tips or objects. The angle of the finger tip is relevant . Peter Mandels work in Bruchsal Germany is probably the best long term application and study available.
      Unfortunately the exhibnition work is frequently not properly applied and the atmosphere not the best to do anything; also the level of curiosity and glamour of the environment can , repeat, can distort the information or need of the client.

  6. Wolf

    Science has already proven that everything in the entire universe is made of energy. Everything, including inanimate objects like coins or rocks, are made of energy, even you and I; so why is it a surprise to you all when someone discovers a way of photographing that energy?

    Your idea that water is the cause of these phenomena is absurd. However I’ll concur that the addition or the increase of water on an object will increase the glow of the energy.

    I am not religious nor am I a scientist but I know about both. It just frustrates me when people try to explain something when they do not take into account the entire spectrum; the bigger picture so to speak, like you have with this article.

    Did you even consider the fact that all material, no matter how solid it appears to us with our limited senses, is really just vibrating energy?

    Go to the core of any atom in any object and you will discover the energy that connects all things. We are all in reality energy beings; our physical bodies are comprised of atoms which are made of energy and the only thing that prevents us from all reconnecting into a big confused mass of chaos is the different vibrations of the energy mixed with time and space. It’s basic stuff that the majority of people are ignorant to, which is really sad.

    I think you should go back to the drawing board with this article. Carry out some experiments of your own and then rewrite the article along with your findings.

    1. JackH

      “Science has already proven that everything in the entire universe is made of energy.”

      No, it hasn’t. Science has done nothing of the sort.

      “Go to the core of any atom in any object and you will discover the energy that connects all things.”
      Actually, you will discover protons and neutrons, and within them, quarks and gluons.

      “the only thing that prevents us from all reconnecting into a big confused mass of chaos is the different vibrations of the energy mixed with time and space. It’s basic stuff that the majority of people are ignorant to, which is really sad.”
      Speaking from personal experience, I see.

      1. Isy

        This subject is certainly bringing out all the wannabe professors. I dare not comment because I know too little about the subject and will certainly delve deeper, but I have certainly been entertained by others’ comments. Comments like yours though get the little grey cells working and give me places to start my delving. Thank you.

      2. Kaldrax

        If I may… the only thing science has proven about the nature of the universe is that we don’t understand it at all. Sometimes, we think we’ve figured it out, but then something comes along and shows us that we don’t. I would very much like to perform my own experiments with the Kirlian effect, because theories and ideas are fun, but testing them is even more fun XD

      3. Anonomous

        Oh dear you really do need to check your facts on this … EVERYTHING is made of vibrating energy nothing is solid… it has been proven

    2. Chibiabos

      No. There’s a mass-energy equivalence that comes out of relativity but that’s very different from what you have in mind. I’d go more in depth about it but I need to study my particle physics more before I can do much else besides confuse you.

      Energy isn’t a life force and it’s not an extension of Eastern religion. It’s a mathematical concept that’s really useful for describing the properties of a physical system. Same with entropy.

    3. ro

      The article is quite comprehensive and pretty accurate although biased in some aspects of application. Kirlian has been used to monitor the energetic state of an individual for thirty years plus and consistent follow up has shown the state of the individual at any particular time. Yes the environment etc is relevant, do you not respond differently to different circumstances.
      One innaccuracy is it cannot be done in a vacuum, Victor Adamenko presented a paper showing his work in a vacuum. It is the capacity to earth of an object at whatever frequency or voltage is being used. The wave form is also relevant. Photographic paper etc are also a factor. Colour is a distraction as it can be affected by pressure and blue is the basic colour, the others, red especially are frequently light leakage or the gap between the object and the paper if the finger tip is at an angle and the person is pressing. The photographic emulsion has layers and the visible spark is blue.
      Before and after treatment allows one to see the degree of response, withdrawal or relaxation response to how they process their treatment. Blood pressure also changes over a period of five minutes, breathing etc, we aree alive after all. |Inanimate objects are also capable of being photographed by virtue of their content whther metal or tissue, if the appropriate earthing is provided. Work with voltage sensitive liquid crystal is a further development for example with bloods or fluids, a drop being placed with earth wire on a glas slide. first done by Alfred Benjjaminin 1976 funded by Kodak ( see medical photography) repeated in 1983, with cancer patients before and after surgery to see if it had been eradicated.
      The psychic research is frequently as said performed by people who have a set requirement and are unaware of parameter containment. However using it to monitor people in various states, ie hypnosis etc can be co related with other measurements, ie galvanic skin resistance, eeg etc and can lead to other levels of enquiry.

    4. Carrie

      I completely agree – the statement in this article that claims Kirlian photography doesn’t truly show an aura is because it also shows light around nonliving objects. The reason for that is because even nonliving objects have energy! We consist of energy, all objects in our environment consist of energy and the Universe consists of energy. There really is no way to disassociate energy from anything because it is everywhere.

  7. VAL


  8. Mary

    Very good explanation! Aura photos are fun, but I don’t put a lot of stock them, as a “healing” or “revealing” tool. A group of friends and I went to an aura photo event last night. Most of the group had attended a vigorous dance class right before coming. I had to work late, so did not dance beforehand. All the dancers had very vivid, glowing “auras.” My colors were very subdued. So, sweat, body temperature, etc. seems to have played a part. If I had another $25 I would have had a second photo taken. Very sure it would have been different, as so much in our bodies changes from minute to minute.

  9. Byron

    Serge- In your humble wisdom, what is the root cause of the effectiveness of the placebo effect? Also, statistically speaking, to achieve 5% more than the placebo, or any other treatment for that matter, is pretty significant in the context of medical/pharmacological experimentation.What I really want to know is why non-scientific forms of therapy raise such ire in folks such as yourself? Why should it bother you or anyone else that accupuncture, massage, roots, herbs, chanting, meditating or any other form of healing actually effect positive changes in some peoples lives? Seems pretty childish, to me.

    1. JackH

      It’s interesting that you mistake disagreement for “such ire” in a comment dripping with passive-aggressive condescension.

      “Why should it bother you or anyone else that accupuncture, massage, roots, herbs, chanting, meditating or any other form of healing actually effect positive changes in some peoples lives?”
      For one, Christian Scientists (i.e. members of the Christian Science sect) have killed more than a few of their children by denying medical treatment, based on their belief in “non-scientific forms of therapy.”

      The placebo effect is a fascinating and very real phenomenon, but pretending that praying directly causes a specific healing effect based on actual divine appeal is, at best, smarmily deceptive, and at worst, medically dangerous.

      1. Ginko

        and “scientific” healing has maimed and killed millions! Ever hear of thalidomide? Vioxx? Tuskegee syphilis experiment? frontal lobotomy? Mercury in vaccines? Forced sterilization? etc ad nauseum….. Science is not better or even good. It just is and you have decided to worship it as your religion.

        1. HR1

          Absolutely Ginko. It is a fact that the major cause of death in the USA is caused by allopathic medical intervention, whether it be from mis-diagnosis through prescription of inappropriate or incorrect dosage of pharmaceutical drugs to contra-indications and side effects caused by the drugs themselves.

  10. Chibiabos

    Kirlian photography does not show “life energy”, energy in terms of physics is not a bastardized concept that a bunch of acid-heads mistranslated from Chinese and nobody here has a clue about physics.

  11. Carol Watson

    Can you explain this.i had a kirlian photo taken last week.i sat down and placed my hands on metal plates either side. Then they took a photo of me from the waist up and it came out swathed in colors. No torso contact.also the leaf experiment is incomplete in that they don’t state whether they left the leaf on the plate when they cut it, or put the cut leaf onto a fesh dry plate.so disappointing when people will not do these tests properly

  12. Anonymous

    Superconductivity of monoatomic and diatomic elements is involved in any “aura” or whatever else you may want to call it. This is the stuff a human body runs on(what did you think, you have copper wires running through your nerves?). This is the same stuff the rest of the planet runs on, it’s present anywhere a molecule exists that could house a monoatomic or diatomic element. People who don’t know what monoatomic means call it “prana, chi, zhiva, manna, ki etc.”. People who don’t know how the “spiritual/intent” world works call it “nothing” because they can’t detect it(yet), and in some lab tests of certain materials there is a certain percentage of “absolutely nothing”.
    The mistake most people make is separating the “new age quackery” too harshly from “solid proven science”. There are seriously downfalls of both, historically and presently. They tie in somewhere, otherwise one of them wouldn’t exist and the other would have reached perfection. Finding the Boson was one good step towards some real progress. Do your research. For a long time.

  13. james heonakos

    Jaime Hoagland at the Center For The New Age in Sedona Arizona can ‘see’ peoples auras & has a $10,000 digital Kirlian camera that has duo hand feeds to measure energy in & out & is the most credible place to get a photo complete with a card explaining your colors..
    The photos taken at the new age fairs are done using a single hand feed & are not as good & will not capture your full aura.
    I caught the lady at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles running her thumb over her ancient Polaroid Kirilian Camera’s Instamatic film & just after she peeled it back said “oh look here is your angel” at that particular spot.
    So my suggestion is to see Jaime as she can certainly ‘read’ you before taking photo.
    My aura photo is next to my name.

  14. Karim

    Table with small conductor through the middle of it, connected to an electrical source.

    leaf placed on top of small conductor on table.

    Photographic plate (A) placed over leaf.

    Glass plate (B) placed over plate (A).

    conducting plate (C), grounded, placed over plate (B).

    After the first Kirlianograph, plates (A), (B) and (C) are removed. Over time, a fresh plate (A) is prepared and the experiment is repeated.

    The leaf may be torn between Kirlianographs. If the table is not cleaned, then a ‘phantom leaf’ is seen. If the table is cleaned, then no ‘phantom leaf’ is seen. If the leaf is replaced with tracing paper without the table being cleaned, a weak ‘phantom leaf’ is seen.

  15. pete

    Well I shouldn’t expect all people at a kirlian photography site to be rational…but “super conductivity
    of monoatomic elements?…give me a break. Pineal gland energy eminations??? Where do you folks get this claptrap? Neither of these have ANY scientific validity. And science is not a religion. It’s a method of enquiry and discovery. Note: we don’t use thalidomide anymore. Please folks, base your thinking on reality, not “All matter is energy” nonsense. Not at all surprising that you should be able to detect a discharge when applying a high voltage to any object. No matter how cool it looks.

  16. Rudy

    Anything that conducts electricity will produce an image on film. Most materials are not perfect insulators, especially since they can absorb moisture from the air. Even in a vacuum, current can flow if the voltage is A.C. Your skin varies in conductivity depending on your thoughts – this is the basis of the lie detector. Also your state of hydration, thickness and age of the skin, calluses, etc. make a difference. But no, tell me instead about how a coin has a life force aura.

    Holographic coherence? You know that is about optical use of lasers, right? How do new-age PS whackos get ESP out of that? Now excuse me while I go sit in my orgone generator.

  17. shari

    I’ve never had one of these photos taken but I’m curious about any technology that can portray images of energy projections no matter what causes those emanations. I ‘m also fascinated by technology that captures the patterns created by sound waves. ( check out the world of cymatics)
    Clearly there will be people disagreeing with each other as to the existence of the human energy. But I don’t know why. Science is well aware of the existence of the Human energy field.

  18. shari

    Also, it’s not difficult at all to sense your own energy field and to see it as well. I’m not sure why some people express such non-belief about it’s existence. Most people can see very clearly a hazy blue energy around their hands and this energy can extend from a couple of centimetres to quite a few inches and beyond. The hazy blue energy of the field is easiest to see. But with a little practice it’s not difficult to see fluctuating colours around your hands and around other people. Don’t mock others and accuse them of talking nonsense because they can perceive something you yourself have not perceived yourself.

  19. Efrom

    Not a defender of the assertions of auras of life force here but, as this article professes to scientifically explain the true cause of these colour coronas, I feel need for an explanation: if it’s the moisture in the object photographed that causes the “aura”, why do these metal coins have such flambouyant coronas? Surely there is no moisture somehow trapped within them. Also, if the writer is an expert in physics, why does he state that “high voltage current” is applied to the plate? Voltage and current are two different things (Ohm’s Law anyone?). Don’t try to debunk pseudoscience with more pseudoscience.

  20. Christina Licona

    Question….. does the coin have water on it? Meaning, the explanation is that moisture on the hand, leaf etc is the reason for the image. What is the reason for that image on a coin?

    1. HR1

      From what I have read around the subject what is actually being photographed is a stimulated electro-photonic glow of the emissions which surround not only the human body but other objects whether animate or inanimate.

      The Russians have perfected a different way of recording and interpreting this phenomenon using machinery which uses gas discharge visualisation (GDV). The images they obtain can be read to ascertain both the physiological and psychological state of the human. The use of this system has been approved in Russia by the health authorities since 1999 and is in general clinical use there as a diagnostic tool and has proved to be up to 98% effective.

      Bio-electrography is capable of showing malfunctions (homeostatic imbalances) of body & mind before the actual appearance of physiological symptoms. But then the Russians are the scientists who perfected the pain genie and the medical diagnostic tool for astronauts and have a far better integrated approach to medicine as a whole.

    2. Me

      The coin doesn’t need water on it; the metal used in coins is a conductor. Pure water is not, however sweat contains salt, and other impurities, which makes it conductive. Fascinating and polarising as the subject may be, it does have quite a logical explaination capable of being modelled and accurately repeated in controlled experimentation. As an article, this does a great job of explaining things in a simple manner, much like a BBC Horizon documentary describing quantum mechanics to the layman, and I for one found this article very informative. Sorry. Discussions of the soul are purely philosophical (chicken and egg discussions), and come down to the belief of the individual and should not be argued here. Belief does not equal fact in any universe, and we would all be wrong to assert our belief system on any other individual.

  21. Wendy Grosskopf

    I have had my picture taken with a Kirlian camera three times, and all three times my heart showed up as a bright red glow. Hard to explain this away as a mere contamination of moisture.

  22. Larry

    I attended a conference at UCSB in the mid 1970s where Dr Thelma Moss, from UCLA, gave a talk with Kirlian photos she had taken. Seemed pretty convincing to me. Healers did their thing on the film and had discharges looping off their fingers that I would not attribute to sweating. Her work with the Russians seemed to be early diagnosis of plant diseases for increasing agriculture productivity.

  23. Krismagi

    To all those skeptics in this thread, I offer you this:

    “Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble”

    Albert Einstein who challenged and overthrew the rationale behind Newtonian physics, which all scientists at the time believed to be the scientific truth.

  24. Steve

    THE LIFE FORCE is extremely interesting, especially when you begin to see its REAL potential towards the human diet and the actual food you eat! What is REAL food & what is supposed to be non-edible to the human body, but we eat it daily anyway, is MOST interesting!!
    Well done to the author and producer & director of this website.
    Peace & God bless!!

  25. Mohit Ramle

    Why people dont think of the fact that even Water is a life force(amongst one of the vital 5 elements of nature) rather provides force to every life to sustain!!!! Naturally water drying out of the object (eg. a leaf) means the leaf is getting dried up since the Water force within it is getting exhausted.Hence, the kirlian photo shows the faded light emissions unlike the fresh leaf full of Water force.

  26. Dhammika

    Dear All, It was very interesting interaction on “Kirilian” photography. But no one getting closer to the truth in it. We know very well that within a day or an hour or a minute or a second , how many times your mood change from sober,angry,lethargy,lust n many more.What this will do to your body,it will change accordingly.It is well visible in your face n eyes and in many other parts in your body. So to make these changes what you need , it is an energy needed. How did this created, it is you yourself did. How? It is your MIND Nothing else. It is the human mind which the creator or the only source of universal energy. Mind is the fastest,hardest,strongest n brutal energy creator of universe. So all objects you see in your eyes, hear in your ear, smell in your nose,taste in your tongue n feel in your body is created or developed with an energy only. Nothing in this world will exist without some kind of energy. Also there are 4 basic elements need to create every thing Earth,SUN,AIR N WATER similar to calmness(Earth),aggressiveness(Sun),volatile(Air) n greedy(water) in your mind.So all what you see in Kirilian photography is an energy released by all living or created by human or by nature. Pls continue this reserch

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