47 Surprisingly Striking Photos of Wheat

When you think of wheat fields, you don't necessarily think of great photographic opportunities. In fact, you might be forgiven for thinking that the subject is a little dull. But proving the adage that the best photographs are a factor of the skill of the photographer and not necessarily what they're shooting or shooting with, these images are quite striking. So enjoy what these photographers can do with this collection of photos of wheat!

Wheat Field In Newton-St-Loe by Lauren Tucker Photography (7D!), on Flickr

Wheat by K.Hurley, on Flickr

Asi nace una nueva arepa… by Venex_jpb, on Flickr

Wheat Field [E-X-P-L-O-R-E-D] by KevinLallier, on Flickr

Corn-minimal [Explored] by mmmáté, on Flickr

Gold and Blue by BriYYZ, on Flickr

Thin Line by Ben Fredericson (xjrlokix), on Flickr

Wheat field by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr

Storm Chasing Sun by Meanest Indian, on Flickr

Barn and Wheat by The Knowles Gallery, on Flickr

Chaos of the life by Atilla1000, on Flickr

Wild Poppies by Meanest Indian, on Flickr

Rustling in the wind… by Ev0luti0nary, on Flickr

harvest by jenny downing, on Flickr

Secandose a sol y viento by fernando garcía redondo, on Flickr

the wallflowers:closer to you by visualpanic, on Flickr

heavy bow by red twolips, on Flickr

Bosworth Battlefield (2) by Jams_123, on Flickr

DSC_7285_20100625 by flashcurd, on Flickr

English Field at End of Day by Bob Jagendorf, on Flickr

Among the fields of wheat by zharcos, on Flickr

Primeval Banknotes by FeatheredTar, on Flickr

my colored world fades to gray by nosha, on Flickr

Summer Sunset by Kyle Kruchok, on Flickr

Volunteer – 52 WFND 18/52 by me'nthedogs, on Flickr

Morning's Call To Spring by Jonno23 (back for the time being), on Flickr

Soft wind by *suika *, on Flickr

Give Us Today Our Daily Bread by LaMadrileña, on Flickr

DSC_9312 by soundman1024, on Flickr

Desolate in a capitalistic world by downhilldom1984, on Flickr

92/365: Como espigas de trigo a merced del viento by anieto2k, on Flickr

Incoming by Jam Adams, on Flickr

Fields of gold by rady one ツ, on Flickr

Mise en valeur by Marc Lagneau, on Flickr

harvest time again by Victor Bezrukov, on Flickr

espigas by erwin brevis, on Flickr

Wheat by mr.bologna, on Flickr

flashy wheat by the russians are here, on Flickr

Wheat by amicor, on Flickr

Wheat in the sunset by Photonoumi, on Flickr

Wheat Growing to the sky by The Knowles Gallery, on Flickr

Harvest 2 by JSmith Photo, on Flickr

Wheat by @Michael, on Flickr

A grain of wheat is watching you! by Vincent_AF, on Flickr

Golden wheat by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr

Wheat Field by Lauren Tucker Photography (7D!), on Flickr

¿Trigo? by juzsan, on Flickr


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