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Which Country Presents the Best Opportunities for Photography?

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Stunning photographs happen wherever we can create them, but arguably there are some better places around the world to get a leg up.  Here are a few photos from seven countries that present amazing opportunities for photographers, either locals or those traveling.  In the comments below, add photos you've taken from countries you think have the best opportunities.  Now's the time to show your home-country and hometown pride!


Positano - Italy

Photo by MorBCN

le Marche - After the storm 1

Photo by gigi 62

Red boat - Venice

Photo by MorBCN


Oia by night (Santorini)

Photo by MarcelGermain

Oia - Santorini

Photo by otrocalpe

Bali, Rethymno

Photo by Theophilos

Costa Rica

Dawn in the remote wilds of Costa Rica

Photo by joiseyshowaa

Wish I was here

Photo by alumroot

The Arenal Volcanic Plume

Photo by Stuck in Customs

Czech Republic

Photo by Christopher Chan

The heart of prague

Photo by Andrea Costa Photography


Photo by izarbeltza

New Zealand

Kohi Sunrise

Photo by Chris Gin

New Zealand Sheep Country

Photo by swisscan


Photo by pietroizzo


Yaroslavl'. March. Ярославль в марте.

Photo by Peer.Gynt

Красная Плошадь через глаза у рыби (Red Square through a Fisheye?)

Photo by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker

Across the river far and wide

Photo by maistora


Photo by skarpi


Photo by orvaratli

Photo by Valdemaras D.

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