April Photo Contest Winners: Whispers


We're really proud to announce the winner of the third competition in April.

For those of you who don't know, the Light Stalking Monthly Photography Competition carries a $250 Overall Winner Award and a People's Choice Award of $100 store credit. Obviously, the People's Choice is done by a vote of the community, whereas the overall winner is selected by our guest judge, which this month was Emily Kent.

Emily is a professional photographer from Minnesota whose work has appeared in National Geographic, Outdoor Photographers, Lonely Planet as well as Getty and Adobe. She was also the inaugral winner of this very photography contest and we loved her work so much that we asked her to judge!

Here is what Emily had to say about this month's winners:

My First Choice Winner

“Whispers from the Past” by Robert Apple

I chose this image as the first-place winner of the “Whispers” photo contest for a number of reasons. The image is very technically sound as the photograph not only draws your eye to the sharp texture of the brick in the forefront, but proceeds to move your eye throughout the image with well-thought-out leading lines.

The textured brick and two vacant doorway openings at the left side front of the image draw the viewer through a sort of tunneled entrance, while the structures behind guide the eye into the background and off to the right along the curved line of abandoned structures. The sharp focus throughout the depth of field is a great depiction of an intriguing landscape.

The black-and-white aesthetic serves the image very well in allowing the fine details and textures to stand out. The overall feel of the image lends really well to the theme “Whispers” as the viewer can wonder at the history of these vacant structures, land and the people once part of it all. “Whispers” seems to be such a fitting descriptor of the imagination and emotion conveyed in this image. 

Whispers of the Past by Robert Apple

Robert wins our $250 Prize!

You can check out Robert's work on his website here and on Instagram.

Runner's up

The First Runner Up Is “Haunting Whispers” By Patrick Weir

I like how the photographer creates this photograph with a vertical split of light and dark subtly dividing the image. Mysterious history is conveyed within the aging, faded brick window frame and windowsill.

The black and white style works really well to draw our attention to the fine details in the cracked bricks and the rusted pipes which tell us that this window is part of a place that has stories from the past. The partially drawn curtains let the viewer wonder if we're looking in an abandoned building or if someone may be on the other side.

The photographer combines a great use of close-up detail, framing, and shadow and light to give us a sense that there is history to learn about this place. 

Haunting Whispers by Patrick

You can find Patrick's work on Instagram.

The Second Runner Up Is “Whispers On The Sunset” By Terrie S

The photographer makes great use of detailed subject matter in the foreground with the backlit whisps blowing in what the image suggests is a gentle breeze. A great use of a wider aperture is seen here as the detail in the upclose weeds is apparent and tells the viewer that they are the main subject in this image.

The blurred sky and sun in the background illustrates the relationship between the subject to its environment. 

Whispers On The Sunset by Terrie S

You can check out Terrie's work here – awishbestowed

People’s Choice Award Winner

Our monthly photo contests also come with a People's Choice Award. the winner of this part of the contest receives $100 worth of store credit on Light Stalking which they can spend as they please on our blueprints, drills, courses or Presets.

This month the most popular photograph was “Giant Whispers” by Frogdaily.

Giant Whispers by Frogdaily

Congratulations to Frogdaily!

What next?

We're already into the second week of May and our fourth monthly contest has already started taking entries. This month our theme is “Faces of the World.”

If you would like to join us and enter some images into our monthly contest then take a look at your options here.

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