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It’s the continual struggle of any creative and it’s no different for us photographers.

But it can be elusive. Not going to pretend that I don’t struggle with photographers’ block myself fairly often.

But some people seem to be able to summon inspiration whenever they want to. One such person is Dina Belenko.

Dina makes the mundane shine through a combination of clever composition and scene creation and technically great shooting. She comes up with some of the most left-field images I have ever seen. And they are really cool.

And she has literally created a following of hundreds of thousands of people through her amazing work.

Inspiration you ask? She’s found a mountain of it.

The kicker?

She barely even leaves her house to do it.

Along with Expert Photography, she has put together a detailed system for 31 of her amazing photo recipes so that you can riff off them and create your own unique photographs called “Wow Factor Photography.”

The process is simple:

  • Read through the detailed instructions in her ebook
  • Print the single page recipe card
  • Collect the ingredients
  • Follow the simple steps
  • Share your unique image on social media using their community hashtags

The recipes detail how to create each image, as well as the ingredients you’ll need, costs, and time-to-shoot.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get those images that will make your friends and family stop and take notice.

And it’s on super special for Cyber Monday at over 75% off.

So grab it here.

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