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Jason Row is a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. You can follow him on The Odessa Files. He also maintains a blog chronicling his exploits as an Expat in the former Soviet Union.

The Truth About “Getting it Right in Camera”

Photoshop and other image manipulation software are wonderful things, they allow us to manipulate images in a way unimaginable in the days of film, yet it also can make us lazy. With photoshop we can crop our images, correct our exposure, add filters and change the color temperature all to improve the look of our […]

How to Create Reflections in Photoshop

Great reflections can really make an image. The problem is, that like buses, there is never one when you need one. Of course these days it is possible to cheat, using Photoshop or similar and in this brief tutorial we will take a look at how to create reflections in Photoshop, although the steps will […]

What Camera Filters Do You REALLY Need?

In the days of film, filters were often regarded as essential tools for the photographer. These days, the likes of Photoshop and the use of third party plugins has rendered the need for filters irrelevant in some people’s eyes. This, of course could not be further from the truth, filters are as relevant today as […]

An Entirely Subjective Look at the Fuji X100S

When Fuji announced the X100 at Photokina in 2010, the photographic world stood up and took note. Here was a rangefinder style camera that incorporated a large APS-C sensor, had a fixed 35mm equivalent lens and looked simply gorgeous. It was a commercial success for Fuji yet it was not without its problems, focussing being […]

Some Useful Tips for Using Perspective in Photography

As photographers, we often hear about the importance of moving position to change your perspective, but what does that actually mean? What is perspective and how can we use it to improve the composition of our photographs? What is Perspective Anyway? Perspective is the way our eye relates to spacial separation and the relationship between […]