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Kata 3N1-10 Bag Review


They say getting there is half the fun but only if your photo gear gets there safely, and isn’t bothersome to transport.  Along the same lines, I’m a fan of the saying use the proper product to get the job done because there isn’t one good all-around solution for every photographer in every situation.  Because […]

How to Photograph Jewelry


In a previous article we covered what every beginner needs to know about product photography, a primer to this article.  Photographing jewelry is perhaps one of the more advanced and frankly frustrating disciplines one can try to master.  The practical uses can be applied to many aspects, both for fun and extra income.  This article […]

Creative Filter Effects for the Indoor Photographer


Indoor photography scares the bajesus out of most photographers, and rightly so.  On-camera flash, off-camera flash, ambient lighting and then throw people into the mix and it’s enough to make a grown man weak in the knees.  Utilizing filters on lenses and flashes can change any photograph, using them specifically for indoor photography can be […]

5 Unmistakable Lessons That Model Shooting Teaches You


Working with models can be rewarding and frustrating, often all at the same time.  For many photographers shooting falls more into documenting, even if you are composing the shot.  If you think about it, wedding, engagement, family, landscapes, birding, photojournalism, and even macro photography are all ways to document what you see.  Working with a […]

Why Nobody Should Hate iPhone Photography

“Haters gonna hate” is an Internet meme that I’m sure everyone has seen at some point.  When there are a group of people large enough to actually hate something that usually means they are scared, jealous, envious or don’t understand what it is they are hating.  The iPhone has changed how hundreds of millions of […]

What You Need to Know About Camera Shake


Camera shake is the cause of many blurry photos and a frustration to new photographers.  The photo can be perfectly framed, in focus, but still not sharp.  At the core, the result of this is a shutter speed that’s too slow.  But when is a shutter speed too slow and how can you help avoid […]