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Tiffany Mueller is a professional music and fine art photographer. She has been published in multiple publications including magazines, art journals, and various photography books. She blogs at Life Is Unabridged.

Adding These Three Elements to a Landscape Composition Can Make Your Shot Pop


One of the keys to stunning landscape photographs is so obvious that it is often overlooked. If you find your landscapes lacking in awe, try adding these three elements: a foreground, middle, and background. As simple as it seems, a lot of photographers often place too much focus on just one of the elements and forget about the other two sections when composing their landscapes. By adding these three compositional ingredients and paying them all equal amounts of attention, you can take your landscapes from flat and dull to riveting images you will be proud to hang on your walls. Let’s take a look at a few examples below to see why this is so important.

How To Retouch Your Portraits Like A Pro


Retouching portraits can be a controversial subject, but it is also very often requested of portrait photographers to edit out minor blemishes and skin imperfections. We’re going to go through one of the methods used by professional retouchers to make subtle changes to portraits without overdoing the corrections and ending up with blurry or obviously […]

The 7 Keys to Mastering The Headshot

A good headshot says a lot about a person, as it should. A headshot technically is a portrait, but a great headshot isn’t just your typical posed studio shot. Since headshots are primarily used as a branding or self marketing tool, the headshot must truly capture the personality of the subject without it looking forced. […]