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4 Wildlife Photography Tips to Add a Wow Factor to Your Wildlife Shots

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When photographing wildlife, we typically have a few seconds to ‘get the shot’ of that bird, bear, deer, common or rare animal. Our beautiful subjects don’t often move to the perfect pose or perfect setting and hold the position while we snap away. We have to think quickly on our feet. But what makes a great wildlife shot and who determines if it is great or not? Let’s answer the 2nd part first. You do. However, if you’re not happy with the image, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great image. It may be as simple as it didn’t turn out the way you planned. Asking for other’s opinions may confirm your instinct or make you reconsider another image that you had discarded as just ‘okay.’

Underworld: 21 Captivating Images of Life on the Subway

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Anyone who has ever spent much time on the subway will understand that life underground is not drastically different from life above ground; almost anything that people will do at home, they will also do on the subway. This includes — but is by no means limited to — eating, sleeping, listening to music, arguing with family members, personal grooming/getting dressed. You get the idea. If you’re into photography, you may find the subway to be a paradise of sorts where, in spite of the confined space, life happens unabated.

16 Radiant Examples of High Key Photography

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High key photography, when done properly, can yield some spectacular results. Originally developed, in part, as a means of overcoming the fact that early film and television were severely limited in their ability to handle high contrast situations, the technique was soon adopted by photographers as yet another creative way to express mood — typically a happy or energetic mood. While the high key look can be achieved in Photoshop, purists will insist on doing it the “right” way: using multiple light sources, bumping up exposure a bit, etc. True high key photography is not about overexposure; it is, rather, about bright, nondirectional lighting and a lack of contrast and shadows. Here are 16 radiant examples of high key imagery.

30 Unbelievably Amazing Photography Links

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This week’s list of photography links features a wide variety of topics and sources.  Toad Hollow Photography has been busy over the holidays searching all over the internet for this list of links to tutorials, special features, collections, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone.  We really hope you enjoy these images […]

How to Use a Speedlight for Macro Photography

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Macro photography isn’t something you can do by shooting from the hip like street photographers might do. There’s no doubt that you can take a relaxed approach to macro photography — plenty of macro shooters just grab their camera/macro lens combo and go out hunting for insects of whatever subjects might tickle their fancy. But […]

These 30 Links Will Take You to The Finest Photos and Photography Articles of The Week

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Another wonderful week passes us by and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching the internet looking for links to the best tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone. This week’s list features post and photographs from some of the finest artists working in the field today, and we really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.

6 Holly, Jolly Ways to Photograph Timeless Memories This Holiday Season


Holiday songs and jingles, decorative sights and sounds – holidays are here! It’s been sung as the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” for many reasons. The beautiful colors and soon-to-be memories of the season present a palette of holiday photography moments. From city sidewalks, neighborhoods, decorated trees to festive reds and greens in nature, holiday photography ideas are all around us. So take a pause from the online, cyber and mall shopping. It’s time to grab your camera and embrace the season.

For a little inspiration and encouragement of the happy holiday spirit, check out these traditional and not-so-traditional holiday images to get you started. We’ve included 1) Holiday Decorations, 2) Holiday Reflections, 3) City Sidewalks, 4) Warm Climate Cheer which sounds pretty nice right now as it is 28 degrees in Michigan with gray skies, 5) Winter Wonderland Scenes and not to be forgotten our 6) Friends, Family and Pets.

30 Awesome Photography Links to Dial Up Your Inspiration Quotient

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As another week passes us by Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching the internet for links to the best tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone. This week’s list features a wide variety of topics and images, created by some of the best artists working in the field today. We truly hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

15 Outstanding Examples of Photographic Minimalism

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Less is more. It has become a rather trite expression, but that doesn’t make it any less true. There are times when creative works benefit by being constructed from only the bare essentials, no extraneous stuff. No distractions. Minimalism, or the use of stripped-down design elements, is about, as comedian Bob Newhart once declared, “saying the most with the least.” It’s not always necessary to fill the frame in order to make an interesting photograph. To be sure, minimalism is wide open to interpretive flourishes; macro, negative space, and abstract photography can also be minimalist photography. This a highly effective artistic strategy, beautifully demonstrated in the images in this post.